Arild Henrichsen

Arild Henrichsen

Arild Henrichsen

Arild Henrichsen

Associated company Epinova AS
Role/Title Writer , Developer , System Architect

Episerver Experience: Worked with Episerver CMS since 2008

About me

Arild has been building web sites, portals and intranets for over a decade, specializing on the EPiServer platform. He's a certified developer, architect, tech lead, trainer, speaker and blogger - and an EPiServer MVP, working at Epinova in Oslo, Norway. Official forum moderator at Episerver World. @ahenrichsen on Twitter.

Contact information

Alias Arild Henrichsen
Country Norway

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CRP Information

Level: Oracle
Total contribution points: 3369
Current progress for this level: 369 / 27000

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