Arild Henrichsen

Arild Henrichsen

 Alias: Arild Henrichsen
 Workplace: Epinova AS
 Location: Norway
 About me: Arild has been building web sites and applications for over a decade, specializing on the Episerver platform. He's a certified developer, architect, tech lead, trainer, speaker and blogger - and an Episerver MVP, working at Epinova in Oslo, Norway. Official forum moderator at Episerver World. @ahenrichsen on Twitter.

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When using SMS in Episerver Campaign, there are some considerations to take, and some config that you'll need Campaign Support to setup for you.

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The next Episerver meetup in Oslo will be held November 20th, with focus on microservices architecture, testing, the new Foundation reference site...

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Episerver performance tips, exploring headless delivery, SEO for digital assistants, GDPR aftermath. Welcome to another Episerver Meetup in Oslo,...

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To honor the users' privacy preferences, your Episerver site (and all the plugins you use for tracking) needs to honor the Do Not Track browser...

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With new releases every week, Episerver are constantly tweaking and adding features to their product family. Here are 5 recent improvements that wi...