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  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Jan 18, 2020

    When we are working with the Episerver website there are few page types that we want Content editors to create only one instance of the page. Such as the “Search result page”. We only want one search result page on the whole website. Few similar examples are; Home Page (Start Page) Checkout Page Basket Page […]

  • Posted on: Jan 17, 2020

    A few years ago, Per Nergård , blogged about an admin tool module to easily be able to sort tabs by click. However, even when using something like this it can still be a pain to get an overview of which tabs will be available for different editors with different access rights. Per gave me the idea to make a tool to more easily be able to present...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Jan 17, 2020

    The Configurable Color Picker now supports defining and using more than one palette per site, for the full details check out this post.

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Jan 16, 2020

    NHibernate has been used for many years as an ORM tool for C# applications.  In the same line as LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, and others, ORM tools remove most of the need to write stored procedures to handle common data access (CRUD) for your business objects. Episerver has its own implementation named Dynamic Data … Continue reading Episerve...

  • Posted on: Jan 15, 2020

    Building an integration that keeps working during heavy user load is tricky.  Since Episerver uses .NET as underlying framework, a lot of integrations involve consuming different web apis. A key class here is to use the HttpClient class. It's easy to use to build integrations that works during light user load. Unfortunately this class is the wor...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Jan 14, 2020

    Currently, the User notification and Tasks (Awaiting Review) are disconnected and provide very basic information to the editors. The idea behind this project is two-fold. The first purpose is to build a more versatile Content Approval Sequence (Awaiting Review) task management gadget to extend the information available to the editors. The second...

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New release of Episerver Campaign (REST API tab in API overview section of Campaign front-end), Microsoft Dynamics Add-on and Magento 2 Add-on (support for Magento 2.3). Bug fixes for Episerver Service API.

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