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Episerver has once again been recognized as a leader against other vendors in the CMS space. Read more in the Gartner Magic Quadrant CMS 2018 report.

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  • Mozilla Web of Things: turning my home ventilation into a Web Thing

    A while ago I’ve created a system to be able to control my home ventilation fan by using a 433mhz remote dimmer. In this post I will be using Mozilla IoT to create a ‘Web Thing’ out of that same home ventilation fan. On the left, a raspberry pi with a 433mhz transmitter. On the right, the fan, the remote dimmer and a phone showing the Gateway...

  • Localization Provider - 5th generation out!

    Freshly baked v5.0 is out now. Changes in this version (some of them are breaking ones). Mostly release was focused on .Net Core AdminUI improvements and new features.

  • Commerce batching performance – part 1: Loading orders

    One of best practices for better performance – not just with Commerce or Episerver Commerce, is to batch your calls to load data. In theory, if you want to load a lot of data, loading by both end will be problematic: if you load each record one by one, the overhead for opening... The post Commerce batching performance – part 1: Loading orders...

  • Resolving the entire Order Group from a Shipment in Episerver Commerce

    There are times when it's necessary to get the full Order Group from an Order Form, Shipment or Line Item in Episerver. Using tax calculation as the situation here we look at one possible solution to this problem.

  • Associating multiple Episerver Insight journeys on a single profile

    Episerver Insight allows Episerver to track user journeys by tracking user behaviours. One of the most common requirements when tracking user journeys is to associate them across device. For example when a user signs up for a newsletter on a desktop then subsequently opens the newsletter on a mobile then it should be considered to be the same us...

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