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Episerver Commerce in Gartner Magic Quadrant 2017

Episerver acknowledged for ability to execute and vision completeness.
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  • Updates to AddOn.Edit.ContextMenuOpenInNewTab for version 10

    AddOn.Edit.ContextMenuOpenInNewTab is now released for the version 10.

  • Enabling Blocks by Default in Episerver Commerce

    Using Episerver Blocks, to e.g. support re-usable components, in Episerver Commerce content is a very common scenario. Out of the box, that is indeed also possible. It only requires you to register a ContentReference driven property type – e.g. ContentReference, ContentArea or List – for it to be supported in the authoring interface. After you’v...

  • Serialize IContent to use in Angular like front technologies

    A generic service to convert IContent into an Expando Object , ExpandoObject that can be converted into JSON to use in Angular/React components. Find the code gist  https://gist.github.com/khurramkhang/e8d4b9ef093fe30610be986efa352744 Limitations: not supporting multilingual not preparing friendly urls

  • Customising best bet behaviour in Episerver Find

    This post describes how it's possible to customise how best bets behave in Episerver Find. It uses an example of matching best bets for specific Episerver locales.  By default Episerver only allows editors to define best bets for site(s) and/or language(s) defined for your site. This works well in most cases, however in scenarios where a site is...

  • Programmatically upload image to Episerver

    The first part is getting the image stream which can be written into an Episerver blob. private async Task GetImageStreamAsync(string url) { var stream = new MemoryStream(); try { var client = new HttpClient(); var response = await client.GetAsync(url); response.EnsureSuccessStatusCode(); var responseStream = await response.Content.ReadAsStreamA...

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Ektron Spring 2017 Updates

By: Brian Fanny

While many clients are making or considering the move to the Digital Experience Cloud, Episerver consistently delivers updates for the Ektron platform.

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