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  • Finding content type conflict reasons with Episerver Developer tools

    After writing the previous article about this topic, I have created a pull request to Episerver Developer Tools with the changes required to solve this issue. I have made some changes though. I have added support for ACL conflicts. Now when using Episerver Developer Tools , you will be able to see those too. You can see content type conflicts in...

  • Episerver Marketing Connectors

    Creating multiple instances of the same connector                There are cases where an organization has multiple logins into the same Marketing Automation system for different business units or different regions. With that in mind, the EPiServer Connect for Marketing Automation 5.0.0 package lets you configure multiple instances of a connecto...

  • Subscription feature for Episerver NuGet site

    Recently as we have received many requests on Subscription feature and a survey was carried out, today we got the subscription feature available for you. Each package page has 2 options for you to: Receive update immediately when new version is available. Receive weekly newsletter for all packages' change within last week (includes brand-new... 6

  • Adjust your Tax Calculation to Use Billing Address in Episerver Commerce

    Even thought there are great tax calculation providers with add-ons for Episerver Commerce (like Vertex), which makes tax compliance in e-Commerce a breeze, it happens to be required for developers to leverage the built-in taxation system in Episerver Commerce. Configuration of tax jurisdictions, through various geographic descriptors, taxation...

  • Episerver South Summer Meetup

    Come join us @ Redweb on Wed 18th July next week (moved due to football) down in sunny Bournemouth for a nice evening of chatting about Episerver with some guest talks from us and some local Episerver experts. Agenda We'll be starting at 18:30 and as people arrive you'll have 20 minutes ...

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Episerver releases

By: Asa Sundin

―Or why you don’t have to ask “When is the next Episerver version coming?” Many software companies release new versions of their software once a year, and maybe some smaller bug fix releases in between. Episerver takes another approach and releases almost every week.

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