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  • Episerver Forms, add custom GTM dataLayer information to form submission

    This post shows you how you can easily create a custom Episerver Forms Element Block to add Google Tag Manager dataLayer information to form submission. Background for this post: customer had adopted the Episerver Forms but there was no real planning done for the usage other than there was need to have forms that editors […]

  • Welcome to the 3 new EMVPs!

    On behalf of the EMVP Board, I have the honor of announcing and welcoming 3 new EMVPs today in recognition of their dedication and knowledge sharing within the Episerver community. Congratulations to the new EMVPs: Allan Thraen , CodeArt, Denmark, Developer EMVP Janaka Fernando , Made to Engage, Digitial Strategist EMVP Joshua Folkerts , Blend... 6

  • Episerver Commerce A Developer View (Part 1)

    Recently at the Episerver London meetup I did a presentation on Episerver Commerce and it was suggested to break it down in to a set of blog posts so all you lovely Episerver developers can read it so that’ just what I’m going to do. I’ve been working on a massive charity project for the last year and a half and in that time I have learnt the in... 3

  • Plugin for sorting categories in admin mode

    Some Episerver websites has many categories configured. For Editors it’s easier when categories are sorted alphabetically. It’s possible to change category order in admin mode, but this requires to click “up” or “down” button few times. For this scenario you can use small code snippet with a plugin for sorting categories. It will add “Sort […] T...

  • Epi Commerce: tracking down a performance regression

    Last week I helped tracking down a performance issue in one of our projects. The project is quite interesting, it’s using a multi-site architecture and offers e-commerce to both B2B and B2C customers in various different markets. We’re using multiple product catalogs, with some products only available in one of the catalogs while other products...

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