Youtube in Epi 6


Can anyone help me with a problem regarding youtube and EpiServer6, please.

When an actor adds a youtube-link on one of his products, why is'nt it showing? What are we doing wrong? 

The field says: You Tube-link. We put the link there. But nothing is showing on the "live page" about youtube... why? Shouldnt it be like a youtube thumbnail or picture or something? So that the movie could be shown..

Appreciate all help!



#65945 Feb 15, 2013 13:34
  • Erik Nordin Wahlberg
    Member since: 2004

    Hi Kat,

    the "link" between what you change/add in edit mode, and what the output is on the actual page has to be asked to the company/person that has developed your site. It is impossible for "us" to answer this question. I hope they can help you.



    #65946 Feb 15, 2013 13:56
  • Arild Henrichsen
    Member since: 2008

    Like Erik says, your development team has to implement this.

    There is a free plugin made especially for this purpose. Check out some screenshots at:

    #65950 Feb 15, 2013 14:45

    Thanks a million! =)

    #65952 Feb 15, 2013 15:02