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  • Custom View Locations for Pages, Blocks and more

    Background In a typical Episerver, or MVC Applicaton for that matter, the Views specified in a Controller are resolved by paths defined in the System.Web.Mvc.RazorViewEngine. The paths for Views are: "~/Views/{1}/{0}.cshtml" "~/Views/Shared/{0}.cs... 1

  • Editing on a touch screen device

    Working with a touch screen device, like a Surface Pro, Book or Laptop, might lead to some unexpected behaviour in the editor. In my case, I didn't receive any feedback on hovering the cursor over the editable parts of a page or block. So, no gree... 1

  • Setting up and deploy Episerver Commerce in Azure

    Sometimes you want to set up Episerver Commerce/CMS when demoing or showing new features in Episerver for customers or a new project. There are some steps that can be confusing when setting up Episerver Commerce in Microsoft Azure. I have made an... 2

  • Episerver block performance: with controller vs without controller vs IRenderTemplate

    What is the performance difference when using Episerver block without controller or with controller or with a custom IRenderTemplate ? When should you use controller for a block and when you shouldn’t? I was having fun with my friend Google and...

  • Chicago Spring 2018 Episerver Developer Meetup

    Join us on Tuesday, May 22nd for the Spring 2018 Episerver Developer Meetup of the Chicago Episerver and Ektron Developers group, hosted by Adage Technologies. Speakers include   Glenn Lalas  from   Adage Technologies , Drew Null ( EMVP ) from...

  • Hide Sites in Page Tree for editors without Create or Edit Access rights

    Recently I was asked by a customer how they could hide sites in the page tree for users without edit access.  I thought this was easily done using access rights, but I was wroing as the content still shows but cannot be edited since everyone has...

  • Co Shopping

    Think about the scenarios like, On an e-commerce website, 70% of customers are leaving shopping after adding items to Carts, One of the many factors is that customer wants to explore products more. Can we offer them an opportunity that they could... 3

  • Commerce no longer supports WebForms

    If you need an extra push to move your WebForms websites to MVC or, even more "modern" SPA - then here it is: Commerce 12.0 is the last version tested with WebForms. We dropped testing Commerce on WebForms from 12.1 onward. By "Drop testing", I me... 1