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  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Feb 28, 2021

    In my previous blog post I explained how you can reduce the size of your images using webp transformation of the fly provided by CDN cloudfare in Episerver DXP, which can be checked in this link. In this blog post, we will work upon the code of my...

  • Posted on: Feb 28, 2021

    In EpiServer sometimes you need to Delete Multiple Variants from a Catalog and Product . We can do that by using CatalogSystem. Here I am going to show you how we can remove the Variants from Product & Catalog. We may have two things: Delete...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Feb 28, 2021

    We are in an era of horizontal learning and now we are going to vertical learning. Digital transformation on learning is not optional anymore as community and business are going faster than education. There is no time to wait for HR to send you to...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Feb 28, 2021

    With the rebranding of Episerver to Optimizely there have been several questions floating around about the Optimizely stack and how it can be used in a traditional Episerver project.  This is a quick four part series where we look at some potentia...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Feb 27, 2021

    Webp is a format which is now compatible with almost all recent browsers in the market. It is a lossless image format which allows to reduce the size of images considerably and therefore reduce the size of your sites while improving loading speeds...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Feb 26, 2021

    Recently a friend posted on the forums about the idea of being able to share a preview link to an item.  While the solution outlined below may not meet his exact needs, it illustrates how easy it is to tap into Episerver plug-in areas to and add...

  • Posted on: Feb 26, 2021

    Aim The client requirements were to have the generic TinyMCE editors (XhtmlString), across the EPiServer CMS (v11.20) site, to give content editors the ability to have only primary (default) and secondary (optional) custom fonts to use.  Either fo...

  • Syndicated blog - Posted on: Feb 26, 2021

    With KQL support in the Rest API for Episerver profile store we have been given a powerful tool to query against the tracked profiles. In this post I share a collection of cool and useful queries you can use.

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