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  • Comparing draft content to published content

    We had a situation arise the other day where we needed to compare some values in a draft page against the currently published version. Based on some fields changing we knew we needed to reindex a list of related pages. This all takes place in the... 1

  • EMVP - Call for nominations

    It's that merry time of year again. Snow is falling, it's cold and dark outside, and even the cool developers light candles in their coding dungeon. I'm of course referring to EMVP Nomination time! Although we have now changed the program so we... 2

  • Web API + Service API + Cookie Auth Gotcha

    I ran into an interesting problem while on a past project this year - when we turned on Service API via OWIN, my authorized Web API endpoints were returning a 401. We were using cookie authentication for the Web API endpoints. This baffled me a bi...

  • Better feature folders

    The view engine I described previously required view names to be unique across the solution. For example, you could not have view name "Index.cshtml," but had to use a controller name as a prefix like "HomeIndex.cshtml." It is not very handy. Ther...

  • Extensions, Sitemap and Tags packages updated for Episerver 11

    The Geta extensions, sitemaps and tags packages have been updated. Read more here. Related Posts: Tags version 0.2 released for EPiServer CMS NuGet package restore and custom feeds Updated all EPiServer posts for EPiServer CMS 6 New version of Tag...

  • EPiServer 10 CMS Certification

    I will start with few useful links: This post is related to EPiServer CMS exam held on 14.12.2017....

  • Russian doll caching - lightning fast rendering

    I spent a hackday with looking at implementing a russian doll based html cache for CMS. I think the result was so interesting so I thought I should share it. I will describe russian doll caching more later but in short the idea is to cache chunks ... 9

  • Optimizing a count

    This is a continuation of my previous post about paging in SQL Server. When it comes to paging, you would naturally want to know the total number of rows satisfying, so you can display some nice, useful information to your end-users. You would...