Episerver products and features

The Episerver platform includes Episerver CMS and Commerce, marketing automation, powerful search and analytics capabilities, and personalization including content and product recommendations, and personalized search. See Features and packages for commercial details.


Content_32.svgContent management

Episerver CMS provides powerful web content management capabilities, including an intuitive user interface, multi-publishing and approval features, and a flexible API with headless options. 

Marketing_32.svgMerchandising with content management

Episerver Commerce combines strong e-commerce capabilities with an intuitive web content management user interface, and a flexible API for customization and extensions. 

Marketing_32.svgMarketing automation

Episerver Campaign provides cross-channel automated campaign management, including creation of ominchannel campaign content such as email and SMS, and campaign analytics.

Personalization_32.svgPersonalized content and search

The Episerver Personalization suite includes tracking, personalized product/content recommendations and search results, automated message triggering, and visualization of profile data analysis.

Episerver Content Recommendations (former Advance)

Episerver Product Recommendations (former Perform)

Episerver Email Product Recommendations (former Reach)

Episerver Personalized Search & Navigation (former Personalized Find)

Episerver Visitor Intelligence (former Insight)

Search_32.svgSearch & navigation

Episerver Search & Navigation (former Find) extends the search features for Episerver, and lets you build advanced personalization filtering and faceted navigation, based on the behavior of website visitors and a fluent API.

Content_32.svgSocial features & user-generated content

Episerver Social API is a micro-services-based real-time API with extensible services for modeling and managing user-generated content such as ratings and comments. 

Addons_32.svgApps & integrations

Add-ons for Episerver allows you to extend the platform within many areas such as analytics, marketing automation, payments, DAM systems, and translation.

See Episerver integrations and add-ons.

Cloud_32.svg Digital Experience Cloud Platform

Run your Episerver solution in the Episerver Customer-Centric Digital Experience Cloud Platform (DXP), and get elastic scaling, high speed, robust security, and managed service with expert support and self-service capabilities.

 See Episerver DXP.

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