URLSegment changed to "Placeholder-for-page-of-type" after import of pages

Arild Henrichsen
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After importing some pages from EPiServer 4.61 into EPiServer 6 R2, the URLSegment of some of these pages has been changed to "Placeholder-for-page-of type", resulting in URLSegments like:  


/news/placeholder-for-page-of-type-2/ etc

The pagetype from 4.61 was imported successfully into 6 R2 before I imported the pages.

The page import reported some warnings because of broken internal links, but completed successfully.


Does anyone know why this might happen?

#64887 Jan 14, 2013 16:08
  • Arild Henrichsen
    Member since: 2008

    Seems I have narrowed the problem down to Global.UrlRewriteProvidet.ConvertToExternal (from EPiServer.Web.UrlRewriteProvider).

    Some background: I'm importing pages from a 4.61 site where MasterLanguage=EN and pages have LanguageBranch=EN.

    The 6 R2 site I'm importing into has MasterLanguage=NO, and EN is disabled. (I'm using a SQL script hack to change the page language after importing: http://labs.dropit.se/blogs/post/2010/11/01/Move-content-to-another-language-in-EPiServer.aspx)

    For each imported page, I do the following:

    var ub = new UrlBuilder(pageData.LinkURL);  
    // typically "/Templates/Pages/Article.aspx?id=2048"
    ub.QueryCollection["epslanguage"] = pageData.LanguageBranch;
    // pageData.LanguageBranch="EN"
    // ub="/Templates/Pages/Article.aspx?id=2048&epslanguage=EN"
    Global.UrlRewriteProvider.ConvertToExternal(ub, pageData.PageLink, Encoding.UTF8);
    // After ConvertToExternal, most pages returns ub="/somepath/the-real-urlsegment-of-the-page/".
    // But a few problem pages returns ub="/somepath/placeholder-for-page-of-type-/"


    I have not been able to determine why this happens with only a few pages. 

    Edit: Googling for "placeholder for page of type", I see that several live sites (cms 5 and 6) have had their urlsegments changed like this.

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