Release notes for Episerver updates

This overview describes the latest changes included in Episerver updates delivered as NuGet packages. As a developer working with Episerver solutions, use the information to decide which updates to apply to your project. See Installing Episerver updates for information on how to install.

Note: New packages listed here may not be immediately available in the Episerver NuGet feed.

Changes in

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Id Type Package Title Released
FIND-5017 Bug EPiServer.Find 13.2.1 [Bestbet] When creating best bet, target link not displayed Apr 23, 2019
FIND-3657 Feature EPiServer.Find 13.2.1 Improve performance by removing DynamicInvoke from API Apr 23, 2019
FIND-4940 Bug EPiServer.Find 13.2.1 [Compatible] Find 13.2.0 support for Episerver.Personalization.Common 3.0.0 Apr 23, 2019
FIND-3402 Bug EPiServer.Find 13.2.1 DynamicInvoke is slowing down performance Apr 23, 2019
COM-9005 Feature EPiServer.Find.Commerce 11.1.0 Make Find Commerce Commerce 13-compatible Apr 17, 2019
COM-8542 Bug EPiServer.Find.Commerce 11.1.0 Wrong ChildNodeRelations when node and its subnode are published in English and Svenska Apr 17, 2019
COM-8396 Bug EPiServer.Find.Commerce 11.1.0 Index of content should be deleted when move it to another Catalog Apr 17, 2019
COM-8477 Bug EPiServer.Find.Commerce 11.1.0 ChildNodeRelations of Catalog is empty even having a (or some) publish category in the catalog Apr 17, 2019
FIND-4409 Bug EPiServer.Find 13.2.1 [AttachmentHelper] SearchAttachmentText$$string of .txt file is always empty Apr 12, 2019
FIND-3684 Bug EPiServer.Find 13.2.0 Error returned if clicking link with searching by spaces Mar 22, 2019
FIND-2793 Bug EPiServer.Find 13.2.0 Best Bets_Multiple-site/language: Cannot create best bets for unpublished translated page Mar 22, 2019
FIND-3172 Feature EPiServer.Find 13.2.0 Filter PII data from being indexed as statistics Mar 22, 2019
FIND-4136 Bug EPiServer.Find 13.2.0 [AttachmentHelper] In Media Gadget: Can't find .pdf file by words in content after installing EPiServer.Find.Cms.AttachmentFilter Mar 22, 2019
FIND-3560 Bug EPiServer.Find 13.2.0 [BestBet] Problem when creating best bet for published page translated from expired page Mar 22, 2019
FIND-3650 Bug EPiServer.Find 13.2.0 Can't see all languages Mar 22, 2019
FIND-3658 Bug EPiServer.Find 13.2.0 Language routing can't handle zh-CN Mar 22, 2019
FIND-3794 Bug EPiServer.Find 13.2.0 find.js should use window.addEventListener Mar 22, 2019
FIND-3741 Bug EPiServer.Find 13.2.0 Find TrackContext ID logic does not consider anonymous authentication Mar 22, 2019
FIND-4155 Bug EPiServer.Find 13.2.0 [Azure Index] Media files not found after installing EPiServer.Find.Cms.AttachmentFilter and searching for keyword in file Mar 22, 2019
FIND-3760 Bug EPiServer.Find 13.2.0 [Statistics] PageName isn't a statistic when it belongs <> Mar 22, 2019