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Release notes for Episerver updates

This overview lists changes included in Episerver updates delivered as NuGet packages and services. Use the information to decide which updates to apply to your project, see Installing Episerver updates. Select a product, package, or service in the left menu, and filter for dates, features, or bug fixes.

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Note: New NuGet packages listed here may not be immediately available in the Episerver NuGet feed.

Latest changes

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  Deadlock on tblFindIndexQueue while running service API import

This bug fix solves an issue where a deadlock occurs in tblFindIndexQueue while running an import job with the Episerver Service API.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Find 13.4.1;
Mar 02, 2021
  The page Find Content Indexing Job cant load when tblScheduledItemLog contains large entries

When there is a long message for a Job on the page EPiServer Find Content Indexing Job, then the page will fail to load with an error "The page was not displayed because the request entity is too large.".

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Find 13.4.1;
Mar 02, 2021
  Log message 'IAttachmentHelper can not be initiated' as INFO instead of ERROR

With this fix, the message 'IAttachmentHelper can not be initiated' is logged as INFO instead of ERROR.

IAttachmentHelper is an optional module and is not required, so the message type in logs if the module does not load should not be ERROR.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Find 13.4.1;
Mar 02, 2021
  Exception in PersonalizationTrackConventions .ConvertToSearchHit prevents tracking

Fixes an error in Personalized Search & Navigation (formerly Personalized Find) where tracking is not working due to a mix-match in models.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Find 13.4.0;
Feb 16, 2021
  Public .Net API for sending requests to queue endpoint

Opt-in functionality to use the new Asynchronous Queues providing higher indexing and tracking throughput.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Find 13.4.0;
Feb 16, 2021
  FileLoadException with Find API v 13.3.0

This fix solves the issue with FileLoadException exceptions and warnings in Visual Studio when upgrading to find 13.3.0.

Problem Description

Upgrading to Find .NET API v. 13.3.0 results in FileLoadException for four different assemblies.

The following warnings can be seen in Visual studio:

Found conflicts between different versions of "System.Web.Http" that could not be resolved.
Found conflicts between different versions of "System.Web.Mvc" that could not be resolved.
Found conflicts between different versions of "System.Web.Http.WebHost" that could not be resolved.
Found conflicts between different versions of "System.Net.Http.Formatting" that could not be resolved.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Install the Alloy sample site with the Episerver tools in Visual Studio.
  2. Verify that Alloy runs.
  3. Update Find to 13.3.0.
  4. Note that the site will not run.
Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Find 13.4.0;
Feb 16, 2021
  Click-tracking improvements

This fix improves the click-tracking functionality as follows:

  • Compatibility with old Find clients - hrefs linking to _click endpoints are ignored.
  • Native JS is used to remove jQuery dependency.
  • Fetch API with Credentials:same-origin is used to improve web browser support for older Chrome, Firefox and Safari versions.
Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Find 13.4.0;
Feb 16, 2021
  Update product name

The product name has been changed from "Episerver Find" to "Episerver Search & Navigation" in the user interface.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Find 13.3.0;
Dec 15, 2020
  EPiServer.Find.UnifiedSearch.ForInstanceOf throws exception under certain conditions

Fixed issue where EPiServer.Find.UnifiedSearch.ForInstanceOf throws exceptions under certain conditions.

Issue Description

Extension method:
public static UnifiedSearchTypeRulesBuilder<T> ForInstanceOf<T>(this IUnifiedSearchRegistry registry)

in EPiServer.Find, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=8fe83dea738b45b7 will throw ReflectionTypeLoadException if an assembly that is loaded into the excecution context cannot in turn load all of its direct and indirect dependencies (recursively).

There are many real-world situations where this can happen. Here it is a case of using the NuGet package "Microsoft.CodeDom.Providers.DotNetCompilerPlatform", which allows the use of Roslyn compilers when compiling ASP.NET pages in runtime for example).

Steps to Reproduce

1. Do something causing an assembly to be present in the bin folder hierarchy that does not have access to all it's (recursive) dependencies.
2. Load all assemblies into execution context, perhaps during a scan of the bin folder for something via reflection.
3. Call UnifiedSearchTypeRulesBuilder<T> ForInstanceOf<T>(this IUnifiedSearchRegistry registry)
the method will now throw a ReflectionTypeLoadException when it calls Assembly.GetTypes().

Steps to reproduce in Alloy Demo:
1. Add nuget package "Microsoft.CodeDom.Providers.DotNetCompilerPlatform".
2. Edit the BuildQuery() method in FindSearchPageController.cs like this:
private static void FakePreLoadAssemblies()

Unknown macro: { string binDirectory = Path.GetDirectoryName(new Uri(Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetName().CodeBase).LocalPath); DirectoryInfo di = new DirectoryInfo(binDirectory); Assembly[] assemblies = di.GetFiles("*.dll", SearchOption.AllDirectories).Select(fi => fi.FullName).Where(fn => fn.IndexOf("native", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase) < 0).Select(fn => Assembly.LoadFrom(fn)).ToArray(); }

private ITypeSearch<ISearchContent> BuildQuery(FindSearchContentModel model, string selectedAnalyzer)
var language = searchClient.Settings.Languages.GetSupportedLanguage(selectedAnalyzer);


Compile, run and search. It will now fail with a ReflectionTypeLoadException.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Find 13.3.0;
Dec 14, 2020
  Wrong content indexing job duration time

Fixed incorrect display of duration time for content indexing jobs.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Run the Find Content Indexing Job.
  2. See duration time displayed.


Duration column shows only ExecutionTime for last sub-job.


Duration column should show total time for all sub-jobs.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Find 13.3.0;
Dec 14, 2020
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