Release notes for Episerver updates

This overview describes the latest changes included in Episerver updates delivered as NuGet packages. As a developer working with Episerver solutions, use the information to decide which updates to apply to your project. See Installing Episerver updates for information on how to install.

Note: New packages listed here may not be immediately available in the Episerver NuGet feed.

Latest changes

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Id Type Title Released
CMS-11170 Bug Full screen mode does not overlay all elements in Required Properties view Jul 20 2018
CMS-10988 Bug MS Edge: Go to media button remains while editing media Jul 20 2018
CMS-11182 Bug Error in task panel (CMS UI 10) Jul 17 2018
LM-236 Bug Cannot disable language using LM Jul 16 2018
LM-235 Bug Cannot create/edit block/form version using Language Manager Jul 16 2018
CMS-10368 Bug TinyMCE2: After content dragged and dropped into main body of a block, content link does not display Jul 13 2018
CMS-11172 Bug Content XHR requests infinite loop Jul 13 2018
MAI-1262 Bug Marketo: Empty row added in database before credentials provided Jul 09 2018
MAI-1295 Bug Marketo: Data format errors when multiple requests made to retrieve credentials Jul 09 2018
COM-6699 Feature CSR UI: Edit line items (Beta) Jul 04 2018
COM-7303 Bug Order summary: After return canceled, items listed on Return form Jul 04 2018
COM-2416 Bug Issue when applying BuyQuantityPayFixedPrice promotion before other promotions Jul 04 2018
COM-7445 Bug Improper transaction handling with CatalogContentProvider Copy Jul 04 2018
COM-6518 Bug Rounding problem when applying order discount before item discount Jul 04 2018
COM-7273 Bug CatalogContentVersionDB.CreateDraftAssetTable does not respect SortOrder Jul 04 2018
COM-7219 Bug Promotion wrongly applied when combining 'Get cheapest for free' and 'Fix price" promotions Jul 04 2018
COM-5975 Feature Support multi-markets campaign Jul 04 2018
COM-7335 Feature Improve rounding strategy in promotion engine Jul 04 2018
COM-7317 Bug Commerce Manager: Cart list paging does not work properly Jul 04 2018
COM-7127 Bug Wrong invalidated discount when combining with promotion Jul 04 2018