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Release notes for Episerver updates

This overview lists changes included in Episerver updates delivered as NuGet packages and services. Use the information to decide which updates to apply to your project, see Installing Episerver updates. Select a product, package, or service in the left menu, and filter for dates, features, or bug fixes.

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Note: New NuGet packages listed here may not be immediately available in the Episerver NuGet feed.

Latest changes

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  EPiServer.Commerce.Security does not work together with the latest CMS UI package

The latest version of CMS UI requires at least version 4.1.1 of Microsoft.OWIN.Host.SystemWeb. However, EPiServer.Commerce.Security only supports version 3 of that dependency. So if you have Commerce installed, and try to update to the latest version of CMS you will get the following error:

The latest EPiServer.CMS (11.20.4) depends on Microsoft.OWIN.Host.SystemWeb >= 4.1.1; via EPiServer.CMS.UI.AspNetIdentity 11.32.1. However the latest EPiServer.Commerce.Security (13.29.0) depends on Microsoft.OWIN.Host.SystemWeb < 4.0.0

This fix updates the EPiServer.Commerce.Security's dependency to Microsoft.Owin.Host.SystemWeb to be [4,5).

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Commerce 13.30.0;
Soon to be released
  IsModified is set for catalog content right after calling CreateWritableClone

This is a fix for an issue in the CreateWritableClone implementation in CatalogContentBase.

What happens is that when working with the CMS content writable clone IsModified state is False right after creation, which is correct. However, for catalog content the writable clone has IsModified set to True right after creation, which has been fixed.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Commerce 13.30.0;
Soon to be released
  Implement TokenEx to process payment

This feature implements TokenEx for processing payments in Order Management. 

When a customer service representative selects as payment method, TokenEx will protect sensitive payment information when processing the payment.

The AuthorizeTokenEx payment provider is installed through a separate package.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Commerce 13.29.0;
Feb 03, 2021
  Default values for Commerce content only work for selected language when content is created

Fix for making default values for Commerce content work for selected languages.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. On the Commerce Quicksilver sample site, make sure there are multiple languages enabled for catalog content (en, sv - where en is master and selected language).
  2. Create some content which inherits from NodeContent like:
public class TestContent : NodeContent 
     public virtual string Text {get;set;}

     public override voide SetDefaultValues(ContentType contentType)
        Text = "Some text";

          3. Create TestContent in catalog.


Should set default value for all language versions (en, sv).


Only sets it for the selected language (en) when creating the content (not for sv).

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Commerce 13.29.0;
Feb 03, 2021
  The API should not allow for adding duplicate assets to products

This is a fix for an issue where the API allows for addition of duplicate assets to products.

Scenario: When adding multiple media items with the same key/ID to a product, it causes an exception (duplicate key) when saving the next time.


AssetServiceDatabase.CommitAssets does not check duplication for the updatingRows list.

In this case, an exception should be thrown.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Commerce 13.29.0;
Feb 03, 2021
  Missing Media pane in the Marketing user interface

This fix makes the media pane available also in the Commerce Marketing user interface.


For the Catalog user interface, the Media pane is enabled by default:

In the Marketing user interface, the Media pane is anot available:


Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Commerce 13.29.0;
Feb 03, 2021
  Adding/Updating/Deleting an order/cart/subscription note

This feature allows customer service representatives to add notes when managing orders. A Notes tab has been added to the cart, order, and subscriptions views, where you can manage notes and get an overview of the information history for an order.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Commerce 13.28.0;
Jan 12, 2021
  Viewing notes for orders, carts, and subscriptions

With this feature you can get an overview of notes associated with carts, orders, and subscriptions. Notes are listed by creation date under the Notes tab, and you can access notes details like description and creator of the note.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Commerce 13.28.0;
Jan 12, 2021
  Create Subscription Report

This feature allows for exporting of subscription data to create subscription reports. The Process subscription scheduled job is modified to update subscription data, and a new tab has been added under Reports for exporting subscription data in the same format as order data (xlsx, csv).

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Commerce 13.28.0;
Jan 12, 2021
  Assets in Commerce Catalog UI do not sort by SortOrder

Fixed issue where assets in the Commerce catalog are incorrectly sorted.

Preconditions: There are 4 images uploaded to a folder in the Media pane in the Commerce Catalog UI: 1.0.jpg, 1.1.jpg, 1.2.jpg and 2.0.jpg.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new product "TestProduct", then open Assets tab to add following images to the product: 1.0.jpg, 1.1.jpg and1.2.jpg.
  2. Open another product/category/catalog, or publish the current "TestProduct" product.
  3. Add 2.0.jpg to "TestProduct".
  4. Repeat the 2nd step.

Expected: The images in the Assets tab folder for "TestProduct" should display with the correct sort order.
(1.0.jpg, 1.1.jpg, 1.2.jpg and 2.0.jpg.)

Actual: Incorrect sort order for added images (1.0.jpg, 2.0.jpg, 1.1.jpg, 1.2.jpg).

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Commerce 13.28.0;
Jan 12, 2021
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