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Release notes for Episerver updates

This overview lists changes included in Episerver updates delivered as NuGet packages and services. Use the information to decide which updates to apply to your project, see Installing Episerver updates. Select a product, package, or service in the left menu, and filter for dates, features, or bug fixes.

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Changes in Commerce:

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From date
To date
Area Id Type Description Released
  Support extensibility for CSR app

Added ability to extend the Order Management module by adding placeholders in which partner developers can put their code.

Placeholder examples:

  • Top of Cart/Order list.
  • Top and bottom of Cart/Order list.

  • New tab in Cart/Order details view.
  • New tab in Contact Details view.


For more information, see the the Quicksilver site sample code and documentation (released with Commerce 13.26.0)

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Commerce 13.26.0;
Oct 23, 2020
  Remove Beta in some APIs

Removal of Beta stamp for these features.

  • For EPiReportController, the check for EPiBetaUsers role has been removed.
  • For IOrderSearchService, the Beta stamp has been removed.
Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Commerce 13.26.0;
Oct 23, 2020
  Cart - CreateOrderForm - wrong calculate OrderFormId

For the multiple order forms in cart as below code, the CreateOrderForm() are returning same OrderFormId (-2)

var orderRepository = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<IOrderRepository>();
            var orderGroupFactory = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<IOrderGroupFactory>();
            var currentMarket = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<ICurrentMarket>();
            ICart cart = orderRepository.LoadOrCreateCart<ICart>(CustomerContext.Current.CurrentContactId, "Default", currentMarket);
            if (cart != null)
            cart = orderRepository.LoadOrCreateCart<ICart>(CustomerContext.Current.CurrentContactId, "Default", currentMarket);
            cart.Forms.Remove(cart.GetFirstForm()); // We always remove the form provided by default form in a new cart as we need to populate all order forms with a bunch of custom property values later on.
            cart.Forms.Add(orderGroupFactory.CreateOrderForm(cart)); // Expected orderformid is -2, which it is
            cart = orderRepository.LoadOrCreateCart<ICart>(CustomerContext.Current.CurrentContactId, "Default", currentMarket);
            cart.Forms.Add(orderGroupFactory.CreateOrderForm(cart)); //Expected orderformid is -3 which it is in 13.18.2, but in 13.24.0 this is assigned -2 which leaves us with two order forms with the same id
            cart.Forms.Add(orderGroupFactory.CreateOrderForm(cart)); // 13.18.2 assigns -4 and 13.24.0 assigns -3, here the incrementation seems to be working again


Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Commerce 13.26.0;
Oct 23, 2020
  Missing success message for Collect Report Data Job

Fixed "Missing success message for Collect Report Data Job"

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to CMS Admin view.
  2. Succesfully run the scheduled job "Collect Report Data".
  3. Once completed, look at the "History" tab (see attached image).

Expected: A message indicating a succesfully completed job.

Actual: Empty field.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Commerce 13.26.0;
Oct 23, 2020
  [Personalization] UserHostAddress should be populated from X-Forwarded-For header if available

The default behavior when tracking is to use Request.UserHostAddress inside the tracking data. This value does not correctly identify the client's IP address if the traffic between client and server passes thru any proxies.

We should prefer to pick the client's IP from the X-Forwarded-For request header, if available. The SkipUserHostTracking config setting should still be respected.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Commerce 13.25.0;
Oct 07, 2020
  Slow queries when using function fn_UriSegmentExistsOnSiblingNodeOrEntry

Several queries when using function fn_UriSegmentExistsOnSiblingNodeOrEntry with LOWER() which makes the indexes non-performant.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Commerce 13.25.0;
Oct 07, 2020
  Optimize promotion engine for discount evaluation

Displaying discount prices on a product listing uses the same logic as evaluating promotions on a cart, basically running the promotion engine with a virtual cart containing one item. It will run through all the steps of evaluation, including filtering for redemption limits etc.

In order to improve this mechanism, to get discounted prices for product listing, a cache has been added to IPromotionEngine extension methods (IPromotionEngineExtensions) so that it reduces loads from the database.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Commerce 13.25.0;
Oct 07, 2020
  Including product link in Product search

When searching for line items on the Order Management screen, each search result contains a link to the respective product page on the e-commerce website.


Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Commerce 13.25.0;
Oct 07, 2020
  Google Payment method cannot work with Commerce 13.22.0 in Azure

1. Commerce 13.22.0 site with third-party addon named CyberSource connector 1.1.2 installed and configured (\\vnfile01\EPi-Share\AddOnsTeam\ADD-ON DOCS_3rd Party Add-on\52.CyberSourceConnector)
2. Deploy site to Azure.
3. Checkout an order using Google Pay method
Observed: Error message displays: Failed to process your payment.{"AuthorizationReply":


Please see the video here for more detail:
Note: Google pay works fine with local site. The issue only happens in Azure/CDN

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Commerce 13.25.0;
Oct 06, 2020
  Reduce workload of promotion engine by improving cache usage

Improve the performance of the promotion engine by being more aggressive when caching the results of an evaluation.

There is a new config value, EvaluablePromotionCacheExpiration, that controls the cache expiration.

Fix Version/s: EPiServer.Commerce 13.24.0;
Sep 04, 2020
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