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Changes in EPiServer.Marketing.Automation.Forms

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  Eloqua: When Account Name is a separate contact field, datasources are not displayed.

In Eloqua, the Company field is mapped to the accountName parameter. If you have both Company and accountName fields in your Eloqua instance, an error occurs.

Note: To map a form field to Company, use the accountName field from the datasources dropdown.

Version/s: EPiServer.MarketingAutomationIntegration.Eloqua 4.1.2; EPiServer.Marketing.Automation.Forms 2.3.1; EPiServer.ConnectForMarketingAutomation 5.6.1;
Oct 20, 2020
  Delivra connector: Show the member fields by their display names in form mappings and visitor group UIs.

Delivra Connector: Form field mapping and visitor groups UIs should show display names of fields.

Version/s: EPiServer.ConnectForMarketingAutomation 5.6.0; EPiServer.Marketing.Automation.Forms 2.3.0; EPiServer.Marketing.Connector.Delivra 1.1.0;
Jun 28, 2020
  Option to prevent form submission; display message if submission of form data to connector fails

Currently, if the submission of form data to a marketing connector to create/update an entity is unsuccessful, it logs an error but still shows a success message in the UI. Also, the form submission is recorded in the Epi database.
Provide an option via the Admin settings to choose a different behavior, such that the error is displayed in the UI, and the form submission is not recorded in the database.

Version/s: EPiServer.ConnectForMarketingAutomation 5.5.0; EPiServer.Marketing.Automation.Forms 2.2.0;
Sep 01, 2019
  MAI Core: Returning actor's result

The latest version EPiServer.Forms, 4.16, has a feature that allows submission actors to:

  • Return a signal to cancel the form submission if the actor running fails
  • Return an error message that can be displayed to a visitor

This story updates the MAI Core so that the Marketing Connector Actor can cancel the form submission and return an error message if it fails to run.

Version/s: EPiServer.ConnectForMarketingAutomation 5.2.0; EPiServer.Marketing.Automation.Forms 2.1.0;
Sep 30, 2018
  Form's data cannot be submitted to external system if the first form element is not mapped to any remote field

Steps to reproduce:

1. Create a form and map it with a remote datasourse:

2. Add some fields to the form and map them to corresponding fields in the remote datasource, EXCEPT the first field:

3. Add the form to a page, then open the page and submit the form.

Actual result: Form's data is not submitted to the external datasource
Expected result: Form's data is submitted to the external datasource

Version/s: EPiServer.Marketing.Automation.Forms 2.0.1;
Sep 02, 2018
  Form Mapping - The main datasource should be listed first in the dropdown.

Currently, the submission targets are listed first followed by the main datasource. It should be the other way around.

Version/s: EPiServer.Marketing.Automation.Forms 2.0.1;
Sep 02, 2018
  Support for EPiServer Tiny MCE 2.0

We need to eliminate the package dependency, as one of our customers has purchased Campaign but is using the new Tiny MCE editor package, so they can't use Campaigns.
This means

  1. Deleting the DynamicContent view and folder.
  2. Striking the reference from the nuspec.
  3. Validating that it can be installed with the new Tiny MCE without error.

We should increment the minor for this, so it would be 4.5.

Version/s: EPiServer.Marketing.Automation.Forms 2.0.0;
Jun 21, 2018
  MAI: Error if form fields not mapped to corresponding field(s) in installed connector

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Set up the automation connector (with "Enable Auto-fill on forms" turned on).
  2. Create an Episerver form that connects to the Contact table.
  3. Set up field mapping.
  4. Input sample data and submit.
  5. See data sent to Hubspot.
  6. Drag more form elements to the form, use settings by default, no field mapping setting.
  7. Open the page that contains the form in view mode.

Expected: The page opens as normal.

Actual: The page shows an exception.

Note: The form works normally if "Enable Auto-fill on forms" is turned off.

Version/s: EPiServer.Marketing.Automation.Forms 1.4.3;
Apr 22, 2018
  MAI: Improve caching of forms-MAI integration package

Episerver made improvements to the performance and caching of MAI connectors.

Version/s: EPiServer.Marketing.Automation.Forms 1.4.2;
Apr 15, 2018
  Null reference error if IElementCustomFormatValue elements submitted without entering values

If a form contained IElementCustomFormatValue elements (NumberElement, DateTimeRangeElement) and values were not entered for them, a Null Reference exception occurred. Null values are now checked so they no longer cause the exception.

Version/s: EPiServer.Marketing.Automation.Forms 1.4.1; EPiServer.Marketing.Automation.Forms 1.3.1;
Mar 04, 2018
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