Release notes for Episerver updates

This overview describes the latest changes included in Episerver updates delivered as NuGet packages. As a developer working with Episerver solutions, use the information to decide which updates to apply to your project. See Installing Episerver updates for information on how to install.

Note: New packages listed here may not be immediately available in the Episerver NuGet feed.

Latest changes

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Id Type Title Released
CMS-8045 Bug QuickNavigator does not respect user's language Dec 29 2017
COM-5999 Bug CampaignSearchProvider: error returned when searching Dec 29 2017
OPBLOCK-33 Feature Make Optimizing Block work with CMS11 Dec 25 2017
CPACK-24 Bug Make CriteriaPack work with CMS 11 Dec 25 2017
COM-5950 Bug Cannot update EPiServer.ServiceLocation.StructureMap version 2.0 for commerce manager Dec 22 2017
COM-5993 Bug Cannot filter price by market in pricing mode Dec 22 2017
COM-49 Feature Entities in the catalog needs to have proper permission handling. Dec 22 2017
COM-5861 Feature Ability to opt out of ChangeNotificationManager Dec 22 2017
COM-5773 Bug It does not index when duplicating and linking a catalog node Dec 22 2017
CMS-9052 Bug Compare compares with Previously published instead of Published Dec 19 2017
CMS-7917 Feature Enable brand views to notify OPE of changes to visible elements Dec 19 2017
CMS-9228 Feature Pin the global menu Dec 19 2017
CMS-8694 Bug Prevent moving items between ContentArea with different AllowedTypes Dec 19 2017
CMS-9161 Bug Get Error on Events/press-released page because missing "page list root" Dec 19 2017
CMS-8728 Bug Logotype block on start page does not have any value Dec 19 2017
MAI-999 Bug MAI: Credentials deleted from database after deployment to DXC Dec 18 2017
CMS-9294 Bug Cannot register multiple partial views for model type Dec 15 2017
CMS-9122 Bug Virtual role claims are not added correctly for all identity types Dec 15 2017
CMS-9083 Feature Support for configuring CMS Core with code Dec 15 2017
COM-5877 Bug Do not show warning when validating placed price for first time Dec 12 2017