Eric Herlitz

Eric Herlitz

Eric Herlitz

Eric Herlitz

Associated company sQills AB
Role/Title Developer , System Architect

Episerver Experience: Worked with Episerver CMS since 2004

About me

Employed as Consultant at sQills AB. Experienced in JavaScript, Angular, PHP. .NET, SharePoint, EPiServer CMS, EPiServer Commerce, Litium Studio and Umbraco

Contact information

Alias Eric Herlitz
Country Sweden

My latest blogposts

  • Meriworks ImageVault is frequently updated through continuous releases via Nuget. When coupling this with Episerver it works great and quickly beco...

    Posted: Nov 02, 2017
  • I got a strange behaviour  from Epi when I was building an image picker for ImageData objects. The GetChildren didn't return any children but...

    Posted: Jan 27, 2017
  • I needed a simple way to ensure not documents that weren't in use was indexed by Episerver Find. The basics of the routine is if a document has one...

    Posted: Jan 24, 2017
  • I got this kind of errors in an Episerver project when implementing Episerver Forms having multiple Layout files with sections.

    Posted: Jan 03, 2017

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Level: Contributing Citizen
Total contribution points: 900
Current progress for this level: 150 / 750

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