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Last updated: Oct 12 2015

A single-server deployment is an Episerver Commerce solution deployed to a single computer. You can scale Episerver Commerce for single-server deployments, typically reserved for applications and websites with modest demands and requirements. The basic requirement for Episerver Commerce is a database for storing customer, user, and site information that you can install on the same or separate server as the Episerver Commerce web application. You can consider this type of deployment as a non-distributed deployment because layers and functionality of an application reside in a single server.

Many tasks used to install Episerver Commerce for development apply when you deploy to a single server. See the installation instructions to install. See also System Requirements.

The following image shows a typical single server deployment.

Single Server Deployment

You can copy the entire installation of Episerver Commerce from a QA/staging server and update the configuration files and IIS on the target server. Unlike a development or QA/staging server, configure the deployment server via IIS to be publicly accessible.

If you can connect and see the public front-end site on the deployment server, you have successfully deployed Episerver Commerce.

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