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Single-server deployment

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A single-server deployment is an Episerver Commerce solution deployed to a single computer. You can scale Episerver Commerce for single-server deployments, typically reserved for applications and websites with modest demands and requirements. The basic requirement for Episerver Commerce is a database for storing customer, user, and site information that you can install on the same or separate server as the Episerver Commerce web application. Consider this type of deployment a non-distributed deployment, because the application's layers and functionality reside in a single server.

Many tasks used to install Episerver Commerce for development apply when you deploy to a single server. See the installation instructions to install.
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The following is a typical single-server deployment.

Single Server Deployment

You can copy the entire installation of Episerver Commerce from a QA/staging server and update the configuration files and IIS on the target server. Unlike a development or QA/staging server, configure the deployment server via IIS to be publicly accessible.

If you can connect and see the public front-end site on the deployment server, you successfully deployed Episerver Commerce.

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Last updated: Oct 24, 2016

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