Jake Jones

Jacob Jones

 Alias: Jake Jones
 Workplace: Valtech New York
 Location: United States

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Level: Contributing Citizen
Total contribution points: 1019 (gain 481 points more to level up)

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Syndicated blog - Posted on: Mar 27, 2020

This blog post revives a 7-year-old plugin which allows you to list (and permanently delete) all the missing properties in Episerver. Still, as the...

Syndicated blog - Posted on: Feb 21, 2020

A short blog post (relatively) demonstrating how you can modify a form's submission message in code in this case allowing the editor to utilize...

Syndicated blog - Posted on: Jan 31, 2020

If you have a yearning to remove all references to a page, block, image, video or indeed any piece of content in Episerver then this blog post may...

Syndicated blog - Posted on: Jan 17, 2020

The Configurable Color Picker now supports defining and using more than one palette per site, for the full details check out this post.

Syndicated blog - Posted on: Oct 18, 2019

It's feasible that editors may want to create media in Episerver (to reference external media via a URL or ID for example). This blog outlines a...

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