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  • Four-eyes content approval

    The four-eyes principle means that a certain activity, i.e. a decision, transaction, etc., cannot be approved by the person making the change. This controlling mechanism is used to facilitate delegation of authority and increase transparency. In...

  • License error on site after upgrade

    Do you experience this license error? Lately some of you have experienced the license error message when upgrading to Episerver version 10.6+. Some of you have noticed this when making deployments to production or pre-prod and panicked. We have ma...

  • Feature notification in user interface

    This feature was released in CMS UI 11.6.0 and it is built for helping the logged in users receive the news around new features. Episerver World will occasionally publish RSS notifications on new Episerver  features. The notification feature fetch... 8

  • Geolocation provider changes

    For quite some time Episerver CMS has come with built-in Geolocation support for MaxMind’s GeoLite database. When creating a site using the Episerver CMS Visual Studio Extension or the EPiServer.CMS NuGet package it would come with a recent versio... 5

  • Episerver Image Tools in TinyMCE

    EPiServer.CMS.TinyMce versions 2.3.0 and 2.4.0 bring two Image Tools features inside the XHTML editor. Go to media  (version 2.3.0) This new button will make it easier for the editors to locate and navigate to the image that is included in the HTM... 3

  • TinyMCE Configuration API news

    We recently added some new exciting features to the TinyMCE configuration API based on feedback from the the forums. Inherit settings from an ancestor We heard that you would like to be able to configure settings on a base class and then override... 2

  • Designing frontends for OPE without wrapping elements

    A common scenario I have seen is that a frontend developer or designer implements a design in HTML, CSS, and maybe JS, without worrying about which CMS is used to render it. The code is then copied or moved into Episerver, most often into a Razor... 1

  • The new and improved TinyMCE editor

    We have just release version 2.0.0 of the EPiServer.CMS.TinyMce package! This is a major version upgrade so you can expect breaking changes but you should be most excited about the improvements that have been made. I'm going to run through the mai... 20

  • "domUpdated" is no longer needed (BETA) (CMS UI 11.4.0)

    You can read more about how you enable Beta features in the documentation . In CMS UI 11.2.0 we introduced the "beta/domUpdated" message  that refreshes the On-Page Editing (OPE) overlays. Based on feedback we received at presentations and on Gith...

  • Performance improvements in CMS 11

    Performance improvements are done continously but there are some that require breaking changes so I thought I mention some specifically that we did, they can have a huge impact on site performance. Memory usage of PropertyData Custom properties on...

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