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  • Making Blocks editable in a Content Area without Razor

    To get an editing overlay on On-Page Edit (OPE) for a content area is quite easy. It's like any other editable property: add the data-epi-edit="PropertyName" attribute (CMS UI 11.16.0, earlier versions require three attributes, see blog post )....

  • Waste basket enhancements

    In the next release of CMS UI (11.17.0) , we will be releasing some enhancements for waste baskets. The enhancements are small, but hopefully they will help editors while working with the waste baskets. 1. Adding more information about each item... 1

  • One OPE attribute to rule them all: data-epi-edit (CMS UI 11.16.0)

    In CMS UI 11.16.0 , we're making it easier for everyone doing client-side rendered websites to mark up their HTML. Before 11.16.0 In a previous post , I explained how to make an element editable in On-Page Edit when rendered by a client-side... 1

  • Image property editor enhancements

    In the next release of CMS UI (version 11.15.0) , we will be releasing a few more Image Property enhancements. Based on a very positive feedback after the last improvements in that area that addressed only the Media Selector we decided to continue... 11

  • Comments for content

    In the next release of CMS UI (version 11.14.0), we will be releasing what I believe is a long awaited feature, comments for content. Up until now it has only been possible to comment on content in the project overview, which requires the content ... 6

  • Using Vuex in the MusicFestival template site

    We’re rewriting the music festival template site to use vuex to handle the state of the app. Previously, we’ve been using instance specific properties and mixins to handle and share state in different ways. In my opinion, moving all state handling... 1

  • Delayed approval email notifications

    Up to this point, if you had SMTP configured, your editors would receive immediate emails about every approval step that the content went into. In cases when a page goes through a long approval sequence - is reviewed at few steps, declined, marked... 1

  • A react widget in Episerver CMS (Revisited)

    Back in January 2017, Magnus Baneryd created a blog post about creating a gadget using react ( ). Given this was nearly two years ago and the...

  • Improved image property

    In Episerver 11.12.0 we have improved the image property. The property content selector now offers the same functionality as the Media Component that you have in the assets pane.   Uploading images One often requested CMS feature is the possibilit... 5

  • Represent the concept of "pages" and "blocks" with matching client side components in a SPA

    To demonstrate some concepts that are useful when creating a SPA with working OPE, we are releasing a new SPA template site on Github, called MusicFestival, together with a series of blog posts. Don’t be discouraged that the SPA is written in Vue....

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