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  • EPiServer.Forms storing upload file in HttpSession

    Few months ago I got a Forms support case from a customer. They had a concern for security perspective as well as GDPR perspective. The question is "Is  it possible to avoid saving files that are uploaded using the fileupload element and attach th... 3

  • Implement a custom geolocation provider with Forms

    I got a support ticket a few days ago in terms of Forms' hidden vistor profiling element. The customer basically wanted to capture user's zip code by using the element with a external geolocation api. He could get ip, location name however zip cod...

  • Display all Opt-in processes in EPiServer Campaign Connector

    By default, EPiServer Campaign Connector only displays opt-in processes of type Double :  However, sometimes we want to display opt-in processes of other types ( Single , Confirmed ). We can easily achieve this by overriding the default behaviour....

  • Episerver Marketing Connectors

    Creating multiple instances of the same connector                There are cases where an organization has multiple logins into the same Marketing Automation system for different business units or different regions. With that in mind, the EPiServe...

  • Upload media in the Select content dialog for TinyMCE 2.0.0

    Hi there! In the previous post ,  I have implemented upload media function for Selection content dialog but it just works with CMS 10.x. I have updated the add-on to work with CMS 11 and TinyMCE 2.0.0. I also make the  uploaded media selected... 3

  • Implement search provider for pages, blocks and media

    Currently when I type to search in navigationtree, surprisingly there is no result returned even for pages, block or media. It seems that someone forgot to implement searching feature or it is being underplayed  . In this post, I would like show y...

  • Impact of Change Approvals on other addons along with its limitations

    After months of development, ChangeApproval 1.0.1 was released yesterday, although it's still being actively developed. This article explains the impact of Change Approval on some addons as well as its limitations. What are Change Approvals (CHA) ...

  • Upload option in the Select content dialog

    Hi again! When working with media contents (image, video...) in the CMS, you can only upload your files in the Media component. In this post I would like to introduce an add-on which allows you to upload media file when you are in the Select conte... 7

  • Single copy and paste in PageNavigationTree

    By the default, when you copy and paste a page in PageNavigationTree (PNT), all its children also come along. Recently a discussion on Yammer has raised question about how to just copy and paste parent page without its children. Currently edit mod... 5

  • Custom FieldSet emelent block for EPiServer.Form

    Hi there. In this post, I will show you how to create a custom field set element block for FORM addon. This block aims to group some of form elements and add some pretty appearances for the form. And this is what we will achieve. Create a new form... 3

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