I'm trying to get an AssignedQuestion with ExpertHandler.GetAssignedQuestion(id) and/or with ExpertHandler.GetQueryResult(assignedQuestionQuery), but the Expert property just returns null, while the Question property returns the proper question.  

Looking in the table for AssignedQuestions, I can see the id for the Expert.

Any ideas?

#23856 Sep 17, 2008 16:39

    Hi Mattias,

    Is it possible that the expert has been marked as removed? 

    #23865 Sep 17, 2008 17:40

    Hi Mattias,

    No, he's not marked as removed.

    I might be completely wrong on this, but it seems a lot like it's using intQuestionID when selecting the Expert, and the intExpertID when selecting the Question.

    I've only got one expert, with ID = 1.

    After I first posted I noticed that it always gives me the first Question (question with ID=1) in the AssignedQuestion, even though the AssignedQuestion ID is correct.

    If I get AssignedQuestion with ID=1, then I get the correct Question, and also the Expert (probably because they are mixed up, and intQuestionID = the only ID that matches an Expert).

    Some examples:

    ExpertHandler.GetAssignedQuestion(1) : Question.ID = 1, Expert.ID = 1
    ExpertHandler.GetAssignedQuestion(5) : Question.ID = 1, Expert = null

    This is what my AssignedQuestions table looks like:

    intID    intQuestionID    intExpertID
    1 1 1
    2 2 1
    5 8 1
    #23869 Sep 17, 2008 18:46
    Does this happen both with GetAssignedQuestion and GetQueryResult, or maybe just with GetQueryResult?
    #23885 Sep 18, 2008 9:22

    With both GetAssignedQuestion and with GetQueryResult.

    #23890 Sep 18, 2008 10:12
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    Hi Mattias,

    This is solved in the latest hotfix for EPiServer Community:
    "Hotfix 4 - EPiServer Community 3.1.4" - which can be found in the download section.

    This is of course also solved in EPiServer Community 3.2.

    Best regards,
    Tom Stenius

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