WikiX doesn't work properly on R2 SP1?

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Hi all,

We're having issues with WikiX when using the R2 SP1 version of CMS. It seems to work fine on R2 though.

Here are the steps to reproduce: 

1. Install EPiServer CMS R2 SP1 with example page templates

2. Install WikiX 0.9 and put the WIkiX root as child to Start page

3. Edit the WikiX root page and insert dynamic content on ‘Left Menu (Article View)'

4. Select a Wiki Linkbox and insert another [Wiki|LinkBox] Custom Links

5. Call the links ‘Test' and insert a link to Start/WikiX/Features

6. When you click OK on the [Wiki] Linkbox dynamic content box, note how an error message appears just before the window is closed.

The error message is:

'=' is an unexpected token. The expected token is ';'. Line 1, position 79.

You get the same error message if you try to insert a [Wiki|LinkBox] Custom Links directly into the content field of the page.

Does anyone have any idea what the issue is?  I only manage to reproduce this on R2 SP1, it works fine on R2.


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    What is the current status of WikiX? We are about to install it on our production machine (R2 SP1) but does not know if the current issue have been fixed?

    Best regards

    #30282 Jun 10, 2009 16:20
  • Jacob Khan
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    I just released a new version today where it is compiled against sp1 and I did not experience any problems. With the release there will also include a integration to Relate I like to call Relate++Smile

    If it still doesnt work report it in the issue tracker on codeplex

    #30283 Jun 10, 2009 16:29