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karan savla
Member since: 2011

To search for results internally a "GET" request is made to the service URL with querystring. Here if the user belongs to many groups and if the querystring passes the "GET" url limit the results are no longer displayed. I figured out the error when a user had many roles associated to him and also he had created many clubs and hence was by default the member of the club groups that he created(eg:- "group for club id 27"). hence the group list was long enough to cross the limit and hence the browser returned a bad request error. 

Solution according to me

We must filter out the club groups eg:- "group for club id 27" before GroupQuery is construted as any ways even if the person is not the member of the club group he will have the access to view that particular group and then when he clicks on the club the club controls handle all the role related information and render the page accordingly.

#65025 Jan 17, 2013 17:26
  • Johan Petersson
    Member since: 2007

    I think there is a setting which allows longer url's.

    #65032 Jan 17, 2013 22:35
  • karan savla
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    Hi Johan,

     If you can let me know that setting it would be great.

    #65074 Jan 18, 2013 17:39