xhtml content corrupted after migration

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Hi all

 I'm doing an upgrade of a customers episerver solution from 4.31 to 5cmsr2. The first migration went smoothly and we updated all code and so forth. Then now, a few weeks before release, we made a test upgrade with a newer database.

 Now, this time, it didn't go smoothly. After the upgrade, a lot of pages got its content all corrupted. Pages that have a lot of html (I don't like that they do it but its still their content, right? Smile) are all corrupted. Link lists that has broken hrefs, lists that are closing to early and so forth. 

I double checked the database at 4.31 and 4.62 environment and they still looked good. But after I do the step to 5cmsr2 it gets all corrupted.


Anyone that can enlighten me in this matter?

#29644 May 07, 2009 14:18
  • Rizo
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    Ok, I've made quite a few re-migrations and this is the conclusion.

     When I migrate with the original upload folder, the code gets corrupted. Not only that, if I paste in the ugly code, while looking as it should in the editor, the second I press save adn publish it corrupts it again and it looks like rubish again. If I use a database migrated WITHOUT upload folder, it works then perfectly. I'm not using any custom url rewriter either. Its always when it comes to links, then the html gets corrupted.


    For the record, the html itself is awful with a lot of style and stuff in it. Still, it needs to look readable :(

    #29753 May 12, 2009 10:12