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Lei Liu
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Hi guys

Got a problem when I published the site: first, it can not find the page, I checked the pagestartid on web.config which is correct, then I tried to login to the admin mode, I got another 'page could not be loaded' error, and the the Stack Trace, it says '[NullreferenceExceptions: object reference not set to an instance of an object.]' and it tries to find a .CS file in C:\ .... which is actually my local physical directory. that doesn't seem correct?  Anyone has the same problem before? how to fix it?

 Million Thx!

#27938 Feb 13, 2009 14:44
  • Steve Celius
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    If you'd register with a real name, I'd consider actually answering your post, instead of just ranting about it. :-)


    #27939 Feb 13, 2009 14:50