VS2008 publish?

Lei Liu
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A simple question, when you guys deploy a brand new site the first time, do u do a hard copy to the live server or publish from VS? For us, we tried both and the VS publish doesn't seem to work fine. And I asked several seniors they all said do hard copy instead of VS publish.

So just want to know does R2sp1 support VS publish? for us, it really doesn't seem to work fine.

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#28121 Feb 20, 2009 15:02
  • Eric
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    When we work on our local site like world.episerver.com and episerver.com we always use publish. What is it that doesen't work for you? We/I always publish to a local folder first and then I copy the files to the live server. I only publis files needed to run the application and on the server i have a site with applicationfiles only.

    We have used this since at least 4.62.

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    #28129 Feb 20, 2009 18:13
  • andreas.ek
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    Take a closer look at the TFS build server, it's just great!
    #28182 Feb 23, 2009 23:29
  • fredrik.haglund
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    As far as I know, publish usually only includes files that is in your project file.

    An EPiServer CMS site contains a lot more assemblies and files than you include in your project and you have to get them in place in test/production together with configuration of IIS before you can use publish.

    We never use publish from a developer machine. Instead we use TFS Build Server and MSBuild to get a controlled build process and create a package of files to deploy.

    #28188 Feb 24, 2009 11:11
  • Lei Liu
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    Right now, we are doing a hard copy since the site is not so big. 

    Well, I will read through the TFS build server first, never used it before.

    Will have questions later, Thx Guys!


    #28192 Feb 24, 2009 13:47