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Kianoush Eshaghi
Member since: 2012

I created a partner developer license for CMS 6  but apparently the license is due to EpiServer 7 because it stands Version=7.0.748.0 inside the file  license.config. I get EPiServer.Core.Licensing.Throw License Error, when I try to execute a job.

I took a look at teh inside of an older license on the same project on another pc where it stands version= inside. Is it wrong with license?

#65275 Jan 24, 2013 14:15
  • Kiran Hegde
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    If you are using EpiServer 7 you need to generate license for EpiServer 7, although the Episerver 6 license file contains Version=7.0.748.0, otherwise it throws the error

    #65276 Jan 24, 2013 14:29
  • Kianoush Eshaghi
    Member since: 2012

    I am not sure that I understood your opinion correctly. I have a project which is based on EPiServer 6, I created a license for EPiServer 6, so I have gotten a license which contains Version=7.0. So I am not sure whether this is right license because I am getting license error when I execute a job. I do not get any license error when the project runs on IIS8, only when a job will be executed.

    #65278 Jan 24, 2013 14:45
  • OerjanH
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    I'm wondering about the same. How is it possible to generate a CMS6 license without the 7.0 reference inside?

    <VersionRestriction From="6.0" To="6.1.9999" Type="EPiServer.Licensing.RestrictionTypes.VersionRestriction, EPiServer.Licensing, Version=7.0.748.0, ........ >
    I've talked to the guys at EPiServer, and they ensured me that even though there is a reference to a 7.0 assembly in the license file, it does not require EPiServer 7 application files installed on the server. 
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