Is there a Built in group discount?

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Customer wants to create a discount like this:

"Packageprice round table + 2 chairs for xxx SEK"

Is there a builtin discount that would fit?

Tried looking at fixed price, but it does not look like i can have two different articles and get a discount for them

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    Sounds more like you should create a "package" catalog entry and put pricing on that one instead of using promotions to achieve it :)

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    It appears that there is no built in discount for this. To solve this you could create and implement the "Package price" as a bundle and then create a custom promotion for setting discounts on bundles like so:

    / Jonathan

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    Joel's answer is correct - however keep in mind that package has its own inventory as well. So unless you allocate a number of combination for that package, say you have 120 tables and 200 chairs, then you might need to allocated 50 tables and 100 chairs for that specific "discount". If you want to have it dynamic, it can be very tricky to get right. 

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    Is the scenario above possible to do this with a custom promotion?

    I ask because it could be a pretty big task to introduce package in a existing solution.


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    Is the scenario above possible to do this with a custom promotion?

    Yes, absolutely, you can do almost anything if you're creating your own promotion. In the promotion processor, you can implement any logic and give any amount of discount depending on what you have in the cart.

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    Ok, do you know which of the builtin promotions that are closest to scenario above?

    Is it BuyQuantityPayFixedAmount that is most similar and most suitable to start from?



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    Well logically it seems to be it, but when it comes to implement the processor, things can drift quickly. I'd have to say to achieve what you are trying to do is a magnitude more difficult than BuyQuantityPayFixedAmount, so I really doubt it will be easier than actually implementing the package. 

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    Is it BuyQuantityPayFixedAmount that is most similar and most suitable to start from?

    Sounds like a good start! If you take a look at the conditions and rewards, they match the scenario. The only difference is that you might want to build the processor checking that you have all the provided condition items, not just one. So start there :)

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    To implement packages it sounds as it could effect many things as all from PIM system, import routines, find/search, stock levels etc.
    On the other side I also understand from the answers that promotions could be difficult and mean much work.
    It's seems to be hard to decide which way is the best and easiest...
    As information, the customer wants it pretty dynamic.
    Let say if you have 1 chair and one table in the cart and add one more chair to cart, then you automtically should have the promotion.
    They don't promote the chair and table as a package in the search etc.
    I've heard about dynamic package, is this something that is more lightweight that could be used in this scenario?
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    The reward matches, the conditions doesn't really match as you would have to add seperate field for the quantity of each article and seperate content references for each.

    Then if you want to support a third article in the discount you have to extended the promotion further.

    You can do it but implementing support for packages is by far a better software design solution and will most likely turn out to be the cheapest alternative in the long run.

    For instance what would you do if the customer decides that they want to give a discount to additional chairs if the customer has bought the "Packageprice round table + 2 chairs for xxx SEK"?

    If it is a package it is an easy matter to create a discount for the additional chairs, if it is a would most likely have to extended your discount something horrible to account for all possible variations...

    #189136 Mar 12, 2018 16:10
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