[help]Copy site from one environment to another



I'm new to epi .

Looking for a method to copy the site form low environment to higher environment.  

What Is the most efficient way to do it ? 

I sow the api and PowerShell cmdlet what do you suggest for content migration ? 

Aug 13, 2019 5:44

one way is to use Episerver built-in Export/Import functionality (it also includes support for exporting content types and import them in new site).

another option is to do "low level" - database backup / restore. this option requires some modification of the settings afterwards (like host names for the site, etc)

third option - if it's permanent "copy" - is to use Episerver mirroring service. that will make sure that content modified in one site will appear on another.

Aug 13, 2019 7:48

Similar to what Valdis suggests...

If it's a fresh website I usually build the main structure of the website myself (usually only 10 pages or so) and let editors do the rest. This is to avoid getting fake data from test environments etc.

If they really want content migrated from test site I go for import / export functionality next if possible.

If that fails for some reason I do a complete db backup and restore and change host urls etc in admin for the new environment. I never ever use mirroring. 

Happy coding!

Aug 13, 2019 9:08

Hi Hung,

Note that Mirroring is not available in DXC https://world.episerver.com/documentation/developer-guides/CMS/Deployment/mirroring/

So we use two options suggested by @valdis.

If the higher environment already exists, we typically use the export/import.

If the higher environment doesnt exist, we have used db bacpac restore and reconfigure. But this is approach is really a one time only option.



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