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I have tried implementing a custom error page, using the config settings:



However, upon creating an error I still end up on the default EPiServer page. I am using a multisite configuration in EpiServer.config.

Would there be any other values/settings overriding in anyone's experience?





#25982 Nov 14, 2008 13:09

    I too would like to know the answer to this issue. Currently I am considering having a global error handler in global.asax and explicilty redirecting to that when there is an error, IMHO nasty.

    Whilst we are on the subject of errors is the standard CustomErrors element, in  the System.Web section of ASP.NET's web.config, to be ignored in favour of the EpiServer errors setting?


    Pat Long   



    #26214 Nov 25, 2008 22:01
  • ian.causton
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    Hi Patrick,

    Great to hear I am not only one seeking clarification.

    I'll keep you posted....

    if(EpiResponse != null)



    #26241 Nov 27, 2008 7:45