Ignoring Criteria in FindPagesWithCriteria

I'm doing a FindPagesWithCriteria, and I have 2 criterias. The first is a criteria on a selected/not selected, and working just fine. Then I'm doing a criteria on a global property that is a "Page" First I made the criteria pagetype a PageReference. Then a PageData, but still, it's like it's ignoring this criteria. when I only use the boolean, I get 8 pages. When I use them both I get 33(the whole pagenumber). and by itself also 33. PropertyCriteria crit1 = new PropertyCriteria(); crit1.Type = PropertyDataType.Boolean; crit1.Name = "property1"; crit1.Value = true.ToString(); crit1.StringCondition = EPiServer.Filters.StringCompareMethod.Identical; PropertyCriteriaCollection critColl = new PropertyCriteriaCollection(); critColl.Add(crit1); PropertyCriteria crit2 = new PropertyCriteria(); crit2.Type = PropertyDataType.PageReference; crit2.Name = "Property2"; crit2.Value = pageRef.ToString(); crit2.StringCondition = EPiServer.Filters.StringCompareMethod.Identical; critColl.Add(crit1); PageDataCollection pages = Global.EPDataFactory.FindPagesWithCriteria(RootPage.PageLink, critColl);
Feb 15, 2007 15:05
Update. I've found out that the problem is in the Inherited value of the "Property" global property. When I do a search it only get's me the page where the Global property is set. Not the child nodes. I have TEST which is the parent. and child1, child2, child3 which are the child nodes which inherits the page property from TEST. When I do the search, it looks like it only gets TEST, where the page property originally was set. How do I search in both Parent and Child nodes???
Feb 15, 2007 15:45
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