BVN 404 page slow to get into controller

Sandeep Sahoo
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We have just added BVN 404 module to a new site (latest version) we are building. 

It seem like when we use a static html 404 page it loads immediately. However when we use a custom 404 episerver page it takes about a minute to load.

There are some suggestions in post below but it does not seem to help

The redirects we are setting up in the module seem to be working fine and loading immediately.


Kind regards


#189178 Mar 13, 2018 11:01
  • David Knipe
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    Hey Sandeep

    You might want to consider raising this as a bug on the project and/or have a go at fixing it. It looks like there are some others who may be experiencing similar issues:


    #189182 Mar 13, 2018 11:39
  • Sandeep Sahoo
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    Hi Dave

    Thanks for your reply. Have just managed to figure it out

     In order to resolve the issue you need specifically turn global error handling off

    <applicationSettings globalErrorHandling="Off"

    Kind Regards


    #189230 Mar 13, 2018 22:11