Suddenly our client can't create new pages under parts of the tree on (option is greyed out)

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We have an "interesting" case on support:

All of a sudden, client can't create pages under non-start pages (those that are under root, but not under start page, no matter how nested they are).

  • Page types are mixed (availability is set correctly and they work under start, but not those under root/not-start).
  • Access rights are set correctly for languages and tree (double-checked by several people)
  • Creating a new role and new user with Create access rights doesn't solve it
  • Globalization is enabled
  • Site is under DMZ, but that hasn't changed
  • There has been no change in IP to cause licensing to break
  • There are no console errors
  • Client claims they haven't done anything. Last time they did create a page was only a few days ago. We haven't done any deploys. 

Any ideas for this mistery? :)

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    Log4net on ALL level give any more?

    #181608 Aug 25, 2017 10:39
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    It was an administration issue after all (Episerver support figure it out)

    Root page stopped having both languages enabled. Not sure how I missed to check this and client doesn't know who at their side was playing around this.

    I guess it happens :) Good that it's solved anyways :)

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    i have same problem with some instances of a page type where we cannot create new page (is greyed out) while on other instances we can. Can you pls elaborate how you solved this? thanks

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    If it's nothing from my first post, then you can try checking out enabled languages on parent pages.

    In this case, an editor removed some languages from Root page -> Language Settings. It's changed here.

    Hope this helps,


    #187739 Feb 01, 2018 16:24
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    My site is in swedish and i cant see 'sv' in root as you pointed out. When i try to add swedish language from tools -> language settings. it doesnt show up. pls see the screnshot here

    #187741 Feb 01, 2018 16:33
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    That's strange, given that you already have pages in Swedish, perhaps Swedish is enabled on Start page? Check also on the page itself (where you are trying to create a new page). Can you check if Swedish is enabled in Admin mode? If you click on Admin -> Config -> Manage website languages?

    It doesn't look like a language issue, since you already have the entire tree in place (and pages under this page).

    Do check the access rights for that particular page.


    #187767 Feb 02, 2018 9:36
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    I checked the mentioned areas but as you said this doesnt look like an language issue or rights issue. Thanks for help anyways

    #187773 Feb 02, 2018 9:57
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    Hi, i re-checked and it was actually related to language settings for the page. The correct lanaguge was unchecked, didnt know how i missed that. 

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    It happens :) 

    Good you solved it!

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    It happens :) 

    Good you solved it!

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