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Compare Sitecore and Episerver, I think Sitecore wins for analytics. To me CMS should be CMS and Analytics should does Analytics. Google Analytics is good one and integrated very well but I'm looking for live analytics and using that data for "Personalization!" Anyone aware done any work on this?

I'm working on and seems reasonable price with good API's per visitor. But data is not rich  enough!



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    For personalization you can use Episerver visitor groups for now. You can also add support for A/B testing that maximizes some kind of conversion by using CMO addon. That way you can tell Episerver to try out different kinds of content and automatically choose the one that works best based on configured criterias. 

    For pure analytics I usually go with Google Analytics as a complement. There is also an addon for Episerver for that one that makes it easy for editors to check the statistics from edit mode.

    Episerver just bought the company Peerius fyi that is specialized in personalization as well so you can expect some exciting stuff in this area soon.

    I wrote a blog post about comparing Episerver vs Sitecore here (including personalization) if you are interested in that subject.

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    Hi Daniel,

    Great one. But I'm looking for more specific analytics data rather than normal personalization. For example, think about the situation which user surf "Page1" and then "Page2" and we know Page1 is about "Cat" and Page2 is about "Kitten". So we know this user like stuff about Kitten. And now user landed on eCommerce site, so we serve him more product related to "Cat" products! Or another example is a user logged in user OWIN using Facebook account. Using Graph API we can capture what pages he like (depend on the security setting on Facebook) and based on pages he/she liked we can send more targeting content. 

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    Dont see anything that isn't possible to solve using visitor groups. Might need a custom criteria or two but shouldn't be too scary.

    Check out

    for inspiration...

    Developing it is not the tricky part. Getting editors to actually use it is much harder usually....

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    Spot on .. That is exactly my point! I want to see if there is any comprehensive work on this!! I used this method but seems hard toget the data used in mature way. Specially now which Azure provide Machine Learning so we can get more data out of content and analytics and match them :)

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