Focal Point image crop on EPiServer image

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Hi champs,

I just have a question about image coping.  We r currently using EpiServer image thumbnail mechanism but have a requirement for specific pages I need to crop the image with based on focal point out of the box or any experience you guys have. So having such as this:

class ImageFile : ImageData


[ImageDescriptor(FocalPoint, DesireSize)]

public virtual Blob Cropped { get;set; }


So if this is not available I will build the mechanism of cropping but my question is how should I inject my function into EpiServer image fetch mechanism (I assume EpiServer do the image process whenever people ask for it!)

Would you please help me on this.



#131905 Aug 10, 2015 6:37
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    I found this:

    Which seems can solve a problem but let me know your idea please?

    #131906 Aug 10, 2015 6:40
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    Anyone has any experiecne?

    #131994 Aug 12, 2015 0:04
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    We are looking for the same thing.  Did you ever come up with a solution Aria.  Thanks in advance.

    #146820 Mar 27, 2016 18:43