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Service API routes in IIS Express vs IIS

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Just noticed: if site is hosted in IIS Express Service API from Commerce package are not registered. When the same site with no code changes hosted in IIS -> all routes are registered.

Latest version of all packages. No "delayed" attribute based routing registration. No custom Owin startup class. Everything defaults.

Any ideas would be much appriciated!

#139929 Oct 10, 2015 11:25
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    Are you seeing any routes at all?  I am assuming you have enabled the iis express ssl.  Have you made sure the binding is mapped to a certifcate.  

    netsh http show sslcert > output.txt

    I am able to use with iis express fine.

    #140229 Oct 13, 2015 22:41
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    routes get registered after reboot and temp file cleanup. weired anyway..

    #140232 Oct 13, 2015 23:10