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Our web users do sometimes experience that the PDF stops loading in IE 10-11. Any idea?

CMS version 8.10, NOT SSL, EI 10 and 11

It looks like the Adobe Plugin is loading, "Reading 584,4kb/614,0kb" then it stops. Sometimes needs to try 10 times before it works.

Example URL:

The file i uploaded in Episerver "Media"

Is there some configuration in Episerver that can be done?

#139494 Oct 05, 2015 9:42
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    Hi, we had that problem with a large website and the pdf got invalid. it is most likley not episerver doing anything. In our case it was the load balancer running a new protocol for the web that was not supported by IE. It can also be configuration in IIS,, like mimetype.

    Look in firebug for stange behavior when loading a pdf.

    #140204 Oct 13, 2015 9:23