Language flag showing up despite language version not existing

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I have a web site in both Swedish and English. Most pages are in both languages, but some subpages exist only in Swedish. Unfortunately the language flag for English is visible on these subpages despite missing English versions.

So now page visitors are clicking on the flag because they think that there is an English version. Instead they are redirected to the start page of the English page.

Can I turn the language version page off for pages without language versions?

#28772 Mar 20, 2009 16:49
  • Andrea Filyo
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    Check the language settings for your Web site (Language settings in the toolbar). Possibly you have English as replacement language on the Web site, which could be the reason for this behaviour. If you don't have a replacement language, the pages that are only in Swedish will not be shown to visitors that have chosen the English entry.

    #28826 Mar 24, 2009 9:13
  • konstantin.irina
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    Thanks for the reply.

    I clicked on [Language settings]. But there is neither a replacement language nor a fallback language. And EPi-server shows Swedish as the only available language.

    But the flag is showing up anyway. It must be irritating for the visitors.

    #28875 Mar 25, 2009 16:00
  • konstantin.irina
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    #28876 Mar 25, 2009 16:00