Episerver Most Valued Professionals

Episerver takes pride in its community and the amazing contributions our partners and customers make. The Episerver Most Valued Professionals (EMVP) program is our way of featuring and saying 'thank you' to our most active mentors who lead the way for all other community members by providing copious amounts of help, inspiration and knowledge in a manner that is open, courteous, and professional.

Members of the exclusive EMVP program have proven their ability to make a difference and to 'be the good you want to see' in the community, and we are happy to recognize them and support them in their efforts.

EMVP Benefits

First, EMVPs have the honor and distinction of being part of an elite group of industry experts. Within Episerver World, they earn the EMVP badge on their profile, alerting other community members of their rank and status. EMVPs also are welcome to use the EMVP title and logo on their profiles on LinkedIn, email, personal blogs - or anywhere else they feel is appropriate.

In addition, Episerver hosts an exclusive online community for EMVPs to ask questions, exchange ideas, and provide direct feedback into the Episerver product teams. They also get exclusive information regarding upcoming product launches and serve as a brain trust as we explore new opportunities to better serve our customers.

EMVPs also benefit from:

  • VIP treatment at all Episerver events.
  • Special EMVP-exclusive meetups and events.
  • Episerver licenses for personal use.
  • Yearly EMVP Summit, typically a 3 day off-site session in a beautiful part of the world.

What makes an EMVP

EMVPs are individuals who bring their experience in technology and business forward in the spirit of open exchange of knowledge and creativity. They willingly use knowledge gained through their own successes and failures to accelerate the success of others. If you feel you can be a part of this exclusive group, here are some ways to get involved. While some EMVPs cover all of the bases below, it's not necessary to do everything below to be listed among the EMVP ranks.

Digital Strategists as well as Developers 

While the EMVP program started out focusing on developers sharing technical blogs and sharing code, the EMVP program was expanded in early 2017 to also include Digital Strategists. Individuals that also contribute with visionary and inspiring blog posts, videos, public speaking sessions, sharing their knowledge and ideas freely with the broader Episerver community of customers and partners. The basic requirements for these EMVPs are the same as for the developers - to share and to inspire others.


Sharing your tips and tricks, how-tos, and best practices is a great way to gain recognition in the community. We value blog posts that directly provide help and guidance to the reader. If you are not blogging on Episerver World directly, we recommend syndicating your Episerver related blog posts there.


Episerver is constantly on-boarding new developers through partners and customers alike. As they get started, they're going to turn to our forums with questions and our EMVPs are there to respond with answers and the patience to ensure the knowledge is successfully delivered.

But even seasoned developers will have questions, particularly as they build up experience in new areas, such as a CMS developer diving into Commerce. EMVPs often specialize in a single area of the platform and focus on delivering advanced help in those functions while providing basic help elsewhere.


Many EMVPs post or contribute to open-source projects on Github. These projects may be started by the EMVP or even sponsored by their organization. However the project is started, EMVPs are top contributors to projects that are popular and hold high standard of quality.


Whether at Episerver events or not, EMVPs are among the front ranks of speakers in their areas of expertise. Some speak about digital strategy while others cover REST APIs or Commerce. These experts look for opportunities to solve problems with an audience. Because they're experts in Episerver, it's usually the tool they choose to employ to solve those problems.

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