SR: SR activities inconsistent on two different browsers

Fixed in

EPiServer.SocialReach 2.2.1


Nov 02, 2015


Nov 04, 2016


Closed, Fixed and tested


Precondition: Open Browser1 and Browser2 on 2 screens
Browser1: (eg: On FF browser)
1. Create a valid channel on Facebook (eg: Facebook1)
2. Open OutReach screen and create a valid message
Browser2: (eg: On Google Chrome browser)
3. Open Settings screen and delete channel Facebook1
On Browser1:
4. Click Send Now button
OBSERVER: Message is sent successfully
On Browser2:
5. Refres browser2 (F5)
OBSERVER: The Facebook1 channel is shown again
EXPECTED: Can not send message successfully at step4 and do not show Facebook1 channel at step5