native.history.js is missing, which causes Find UI to crash

Found in

EPiServer.Find 12.2.4

Fixed in

EPiServer.Find 12.2.5


Oct 05, 2016


Oct 17, 2016


Closed, Fixed and tested


Nativ-history.js needs to be re-added for legacy clients.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Install a CMS site through VS integration without Find.
2. Add Episerver Find v.11.1.5 (install-package EPiServer.Find.Cms -version 11.1.5).
3. Compile.
4. Go to the Find UI.

  • Everything should work

5. Update the Nuget package to Episerver.Find.Cms -version 12.2.4.
6. Compile.
7. Go to the Find UI.

Expected: The UI works.
Actual: Nothing appears. Update: We fixed this for the old version. So the problem cannot be reproduced.