Orphans in project overview

Fixed in

EPiServer.CMS.UI 10.10.6


Oct 22 2015


Aug 11 2017


CMS Core


Closed, Fixed and tested


If Project Mode is disabled, when we delete, for example, a page, there is no way to access to blocks/media which belong to it, although they still exist. The blocks/media are deleted when the scheduled job runs.

But if Project Mode is enabled, when we delete a page, its blocks/media still appear in the Project Overview.

  • Clicking on it, you see the breadcrumb as For This Page > .. which confuses users because they don't know which page it is. Or, if you hover over the item, it shows an incorrect path in the title.
  • After the scheduled job cleans them, it also might confuse users, because suddenly some project items disappear.

Solution: Hide orphans after we delete their parents.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. In Edit Mode, make sure Project Mode is enabled, and a project is selected.
  2. Create a new page, let's say Page1 (you don't need to publish it).
  3. Add a block, let's say Block1, to that page by selecting that page and then creating a new block for the folder For This Page (or copy from another folder).
  4. Open the Project Overview. Actual is the same as Expected: Page1 and Block1 are in the Project Overview.
  5. Delete Page1 (by moving it to Trash, then emptying the trash).
  6. Open the Project Overview again

Expected: Block1 should not appear in the project overview.
Actual: Page1 is no longer in the overview but Block1 is still there.