Endless login when user does not have access to first menu item

Fixed in

EPiServer.CMS.UI 11.27.0


Jun 24, 2020


Sep 09, 2020




Closed, Fixed and tested


Steps to reproduce:
1. Add custom menu provider where the first item requires specific access rights:

    public class CustomMenuProvider : IMenuProvider
        const string MainMenuPath = MenuPaths.Global + "/customSection";
        public IEnumerable<MenuItem> GetMenuItems()
            var menuItems = new List<MenuItem>();
            menuItems.Add(new SectionMenuItem("Custom CMS", MainMenuPath)
                SortIndex = SortIndex.Last + 10,
                IsAvailable = (request) => PrincipalInfo.HasEditAccess
            menuItems.Add(new UrlMenuItem("CMS admin", MainMenuPath + "/item1",
                SortIndex = 1,
                IsAvailable = (request) => PrincipalInfo.HasAdminAccess
            menuItems.Add(new RouteMenuItem("CMS edit", MainMenuPath + "/item2",
                 new RouteValueDictionary(new { controller = "Home", moduleArea = "Cms" }))
                SortIndex = 2,
            return menuItems;

2. Log in with a user that does not have access to first item but has access to second item. In the example code that would mean a user that does not have access to admin mode but has access to edit mode.
3. Open global product menu and click on Custom CMS

Expected: Should go to the second item that the user have access to
Actual: User get a login page that nothing happens on after login since the user does not have access.