[CSV import] Import error and incorrect file selection for processing

Found in

Commerce 8.13.0


Jun 17, 2015


Jun 26, 2015


Falcon/Commerce/Commerce Manager


Closed, Fixed and Tested

Steps to reproduce

If you select a file for importing which is not on page 1 of the file list, the system may use a random file from page 1. The usual result will be an import error message.


Steps to reproduce

1) multiple files list, so you have more than one page in the file listing.

2) You choose one of these files e.g. on the import listing page 2
3) The system accidentally uses the a random file from page 1 instead of the one on page 2 you selected.


Expected: Uses the selected csv file on the page 2.

Actual: Uses a random csv file from page 1.