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  • How to create a TinyMCE custom dialog plugin

    This example shows you how to implement a dialog box or popup window in TinyMCE v4.

  • Episerver For Your Intranet

                    In my years working in the CMS industry I’ve been asked many times about Intranets.  Many people believe an Intranet requires a separate toolset to build verses a public facing website, they are wrong.  An intranet is just a websit... 1

  • Property Name Overlay in On-Page Editing mode

    In On-Page Editing mode, Episerver will create a blue border around all editable properties. This feature is very useful. However, if you have a lot of properties on the page, it may be challenging to locate the correct property, and editors may b...

  • Value chain analysis for Episerver Commerce implementation

    B2C e-commerce implementation can be overwhelming as it is a major undertaking entailing the entire value chain which is a full range of activities that a company must perform to deliver its products and services to the market. Therefore, I believ... 1

  • Evaluating Episerver

    Are you new to Episerver like me and looking to evaluate what the platform has to offer? Well then you have come to the right place!   The   community recently passed the 40,000 members mark and we all had to get our...

  • ServiceApi Customers and Organizations Extended

    Recently I helped a couple of partners who needed to be able to update custom properties on customers and organizations using the service api.  I sent them some code and thought I would share here for anyone else who might need.  Hopefully soon th... 1

  • Easily add special characters in Episerver TinyMCE editor

    What if an editor comes to you and ask how they can add special characters to the content they enter in Episerver? They want to add for example the copyright character ‘©’. As you are a tech guy your answer is simple “Just hold alt and dial 0169...

  • Fixed gadgets

    Episerver gives a flexible way of adding and rearranging gadgets in edit mode. Editors can select which gadgets should be displayed, change their position and size. But for some editing scenarios we would like to force specific gadgets to be...