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  • Image property editor enhancements

    In the next release of CMS UI (version 11.15.0) , we will be releasing a few more Image Property enhancements. Based on a very positive feedback after the last improvements in that area that addressed only the Media Selector we decided to continue...

  • Episerver – Sydney Meetup – 27 Feb 2019

    We are so pleased to announced our next Episerver Meetup 🙂 This is very exciting as this meetup will be held in Episerver office in Sydney and more exciting which Damien Dias from Episerver is going to speak about the upgrade process. This is wha...

  • Building an EPiServer Campaign Connector for Transactional Emails

    EPiServer released a Campaign Connector package ( which abstracts away authentication from Campaign’s API’s while providing an EPiServer Forms connector as...

  • Making a configurable color picker for Episerver: Part 2

    The riveting finale documenting the process (loosely) of creating a configurable color picker in Episerver. This part deals with getting color palette definitions from a config file, creating a custom property and wrapping everything up.

  • Control the cropping of your images with a focal point

    The Image point editor for Episerver CMS can be used together with the Picture helper in ImageProcessor.Web.Episerver to control the cropping of images.  If showing the same image in different height and width on your site, you might want to contr...

  • IContentLoader.Get(contentLink) is considered harmful for catalog content.

    A while ago I wrote about how you should be aware of IContentLoader.GetChildren (contentLink) here. However, that is only half of story. IContentLoader.Get (contentLink) is also considered harmful. Not in terms of it causes damage to your site (we...

  • Episerver and ImageProcessor: New Crop addition and renaming of UI package

    I wanted to see if the Image Cropper Property Editors could work with my ImageProcessor add-ons too. Turned out they did. Just had to make some small changes to using statements and url formatting and that was basically it. I have now added the... 4

  • EPiServer.Forms storing upload file in HttpSession

    Few months ago I got a Forms support case from a customer. They had a concern for security perspective as well as GDPR perspective. The question is "Is  it possible to avoid saving files that are uploaded using the fileupload element and attach th... 3