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  • Plugin for sorting categories in admin mode

    Some Episerver websites has many categories configured. For Editors it’s easier when categories are sorted alphabetically. It’s possible to change category order in admin mode, but this requires to click “up” or “down” button few times. For this...

  • Epi Commerce: tracking down a performance regression

    Last week I helped tracking down a performance issue in one of our projects. The project is quite interesting, it’s using a multi-site architecture and offers e-commerce to both B2B and B2C customers in various different markets. We’re using...

  • EPiServer.Forms create custom Action for Field Dependency

    Feature dependency for fields is available from version 4.15 which lets you configure dependencies among fields in a form. You can create rules for field elements on a new Dependencies tab in the element properties. There are two buit-in actions...

  • Custom validation message for Forms

    In Forms 4.23 we have released a feature that allows user can enter a custom validation message for each validator. Let say that you have some forms which used the same some validators (ex: RequiredValidator). When visitor enter something not... 1

  • Warning before deleting a page that is used in a property decorated with a SelectOne or SelectMany attribute

    Long title and I hope it made some sense. The case is that it's quite common that the underlying data for SelectionFactories which is then used with SelectOne and SelectMany attributes is normal Episerver pages. For example this is used to handle...

  • Common errors when developing an Episerver site

    At Zone , we spend a lot of time developing and maintaining large-scale Episerver builds with a team split across the UK, Romania and India. With a large codebase and lots of developers working at the same time, there are some errors we encounter...

  • EPiServer Notification For Expiring Pages

    A client asked if they could recieve some form of notification that pages they have created are about to expire 7 days before it actually expired.   I asked the client if they wanted an email of the list of the pages that are about to be expired a... 3

  • Enrich your logging with Episerver data

    Some of you may have noticed I quite like Serilog. And my NuGet package to integrate it in Episerver is used quite a few times, so I guess I am not the only one. One of the reasons I like it is that you enrich your logging with a lot of extra...