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  • Episerver Meetup Oslo November 21st

    Episerver performance tips, exploring headless delivery, SEO for digital assistants, GDPR aftermath. Welcome to another Episerver Meetup in Oslo, hosted by Epinova!

  • Refactoring Commerce catalog code, a story

    There is a no secret that I am a fan of refactoring. Clean. shorter, simpler code is always better. It’s always a pleasure to delete some code while keeping all functionalities: less code means less possible bugs, and less places to change when yo...

  • Scheduled Jobs Cleaner for Episerver

    Cleaning up the tblScheduledItemLog and tblScheduledItem tables is a boring task, and sometimes we don't have direct access to the production database. For that reason, I’ve created an add-on that automatically removes ghost scheduled jobs from an...

  • LATE Spring Sydney Episerver Meetup!

    Studio 60 is going to host next Episerver meetup in Sydney and heaps of good things are going to happen. Damien Dias from Episerver would present about his awesome experience with Upgrading OLD Episerver website to a new one. It is awesome that we...

  • Associating documents/PDF to a page/pagetype in Episerver FIND

    I've seen a lot of solutions out there, but sometimes the one with less code is also the simplest and best.

  • Restricting Episerver UI views for a content type based on a user's roles

    Customizing the editor UI for a content type is achieved via the UIDescriptor class and this easily covers most scenarios. However, what about if you want available or default views to be restricted based upon a user's roles?

  • A react widget in Episerver CMS (Revisited)

    Back in January 2017, Magnus Baneryd created a blog post about creating a gadget using react ( ). Given this was nearly two years ago and the...

  • Episerver Widgets Resources for Text, Labels, and Styles

    I have been doing more component and widget building in Episerver lately, and I have been digging around trying to find references to labels and text being used in widgets or referenced in other areas. I had to dig around to find some things, and...