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  • Make OWIN PCI Compliant using cookie authentication timeouts (ValidateInterval vs ExpireTimeSpan]

    Let’s talk about PCI first, In order to make login PCI compliant, session timeout needs to be set for 15 mins, I had to make two changes to my Startup.cs file. Set SlidingExpiration to False . Sliding Expiration is set to true by default. [This is...

  • Converting pages in edit mode

    In this article I’d like to describe new Episerver extension for converting pages in edit mode. It can be useful for Editors to simplify updates of site structure and keeps links to the content. Converting pages in admin mode In Admin mode, there ...

  • Issues With The HTTPContext Url Doesn't Set Episerver Initialization Module

    Today's post is a quick one that may help save someone a few hours of head scratching.  On a recent project, we had a requirement to update the episervers site definition with the current hostname via code.  I thought it would be a brilliant idea ...

  • GDPR and Episerver: Unbundled consent in signup forms

    Make sure your signup forms are explicit about why you're asking for user consent.

  • Mass update catalog entries

    This is something you don’t do daily, but you will probably need one day, so it might come in handy. Recently we got a question on how to update the code of all entries in the catalog. This is interesting, because even thought you don’t update the...

  • A curious case of SQL Server indexes

    If you have been working with SQL Server, you would likely know the importance of indexes. Without proper indexes, your databases will not be able to utilize it’s true potential and your sites/applications will almost certainly succumb when the da...

  • Explaining and changing scopes in Episerver Insight

    A scope in Episerver Insight defines a logical grouping of profiles. So given this scenario:

  • Register now for Code Bash at Episerver Ascend US 2018

    Calling all developers! Once again, we are happy to provide you with an excellent opportunity to show off your coding skills! Back, by popular demand, is the Episerver Code Bash, sponsored by Microsoft! This time around we have been working hard t... 1