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I want to save the article/page that I'm currently working on without automatic switch to the "view" tab in EPiServer.

Eg, when I write the page content I want to press CTRL+S and the properties will be saved into the page without leaving the ongoing edit phase. I want to continue write my page in the actual property. Just like a quick save as in MS Word.

Is this possible to accomplish? Any ideas?

Regards, Andreas Ek, Flow Communication AB

#31216 Jul 09, 2009 14:06
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    I'm a bit confused. In EPiServer CMS 5, and very late version of CMS 4, there is a "Save" button that does what you want. Is it that you are running a pre 4.62 version?

    As for the ctrl+s to trigger the function, that may be a bit trickier. To save the page there has to be a post back. So you would need to add some custom script that did the same as pushing the save button.


    Per Gunsarfs
    EPiServer CMS development team

    #31219 Jul 09, 2009 16:58
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    But cannot this function be implemented in the standard edition of Episerver?
    I mean it is standard short commands :)
    Standard commands in many publishing systems too...

    Wishlist item?



    #31220 Jul 09, 2009 17:09
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    Yes, I agree, short commands would be a very nice addition. Ctrl+s however may not be a perfect choice, since the browser/OS already uses that.

    Definatly a wish list item, and something we keep in mind when developing new UI:s.


    Per Gunsarfs

    #31221 Jul 09, 2009 17:13
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    With CTRL+S the page would be saved and the page should not reload.

    For example: I'm writing a long story and in the middle of the text I want to save. If I press the save button the page reloads and the view gets into "view" mode. I really just want to continue my writing. CTRL+S and no reload would do the trick. Just background saving.

    #31229 Jul 10, 2009 11:28
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    CTRL+S could be overrided because the save html page is irrelevant in this case.
    #31230 Jul 10, 2009 11:30
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