Javascript error "800a025e" in edit-mode

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Clicking the "Edit tabs" in edit-mode gives the javascript error "800a025e" when a page includes a XHTML-property. It happens in IE7, not in Firefox.
I have tested on a pure installation of "5.2.375.226" and then there is no error.

The site is upgraded in different steps, dont remember exactly. The problem occured after upgrading from "5.2.375.133" to "5.2.375.226". After what I can see the edit-mode still works correctly but the warning is there about error "800a025e".

"Googling" gives hits about the error and FCKEditor and IE.


#30893 Jun 25, 2009 16:29
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    Nice catch, we actually fixed it just a few hours ago and the fix will be part of the final SP2 release.



    #30894 Jun 25, 2009 16:40
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    Some more:

    The error says row "2485" and I think the source is TableEdit.js (not sure).

    Opening the editpanel in a separate window do not give an error. (http://machinename/SecureUI/edit/EditPanel.aspx?id=1111)


    #30895 Jun 25, 2009 16:41
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    "Jesus" that was fast. I saw your reply first after sending some more comments.

    Thank you very much Per, that feels good.


    #30896 Jun 25, 2009 16:45