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I have a composer site where pretty much all editorial content is in compose pages. I'm trying to create a simple search page using a SearchDataSource and a Repeater pretty much copied from the demo templates but I never get any hits. I have enabled Indexing in the module config and also run the re-index composer pages job.

The main reason I'm suspicous is because I've written my own ajax search which uses PageTextIndexDB and that yields results on the same query.

#30300 Jun 11, 2009 11:47
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    Done some research of my own using Sql Profiler. The sql query is executed and returns results, however they are never returned from the searchdatasource.. Still don't know why.
    #30340 Jun 11, 2009 18:09
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    any luck ?

    content from functions doesn't returned when searched

    did all the things in the best practices and still no content found

    using the search from public termplates


    #31374 Jul 23, 2009 16:08
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    No, I haven't been trying to much lately though. There is a job in admin for composer that needs to be enabled for indexing. There is also a setting in "Module settings" under  "Config" in admin for Dropit.Extension that needs to be enabled.

    However I have already done these things.. I guess I'll soon be reporting this to the support instead.

    #31376 Jul 23, 2009 20:18
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