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Reading Helenas topic on querying for certain topics in certain rooms, got me to thinking on how I'm going to solve this cunundrum:

My customer wants Forums to be visible or hidden in a solution. I see that Room has a Concealed propterty, but not Forum. This leads me to think i need an Attribute on Forum that is a boolean. 

Can I then use

ForumQuery fq = new ForumQuery();
BooleanCriterion sq = new BooleanCriteron();
sq.Value =false;
fq["ForumIsVisible"] = sq;

ForumCollection VisibleForums = ForumHandler.GetQueryResult(fq);

And then do the same query for hidden Forums where sq.Valuse = true; And put it all in a nifty usercontrol, and use it on different places in the solution.


#27695 Feb 06, 2009 10:17
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    Hi Marius,

    Yes this would be possible. Or you you could use just one Forum and have several levels of rooms instead and display the root level rooms as forums instead of rooms Wink


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    #27703 Feb 06, 2009 16:02
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    Well, yes that would be a nice way of doing it... hehe. Thanks :)
    #27716 Feb 09, 2009 10:40
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    Just a quick question: Rooms can be nested/leveled, but is this handled automatically by the community, or do I need to redo my application architecture to achieve this? Can't really say my application is intentionally designed to support several levels of Rooms... But I definetly see the appeal :)
    #27860 Feb 11, 2009 10:38
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    Don't exactly get what you mean... Nested rooms are supported by default and they will show up in the administration. But on the site you must display them yourself by getting child rooms of rooms.

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    #27865 Feb 11, 2009 11:32
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