how to test if a pagetree has a selected item?

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Dear all,

I might be going about this the wrong way but i want to programmatically test if a pageTree has a selected item. Is this possible?

I want to do this, because if none are selected I want to change the css class on the first item to highlight it.

Thanks for your help

#26659 Dec 15, 2008 15:44
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    There is a property OpenPages that contains all expanded pages, maybe that could be a start.


    #26689 Dec 16, 2008 11:08

    Create a method on you itemtemplate to a method that checks this:



    //your code


     -Kjetil Simensen

    #26694 Dec 16, 2008 12:59
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    Thanks Kjetil,

    Perhaps I am missing something but the logic doesn't seem to work for me. That boolean expression always returns true.

    It is on the first load of the page that I want to capture that no item is selected, but even then OpenPages contains currentpage, it looks pretty rudimentary but I am right in thinking if no page in the page tree has been selected the OpenPages.Count property is always 1?



    #26701 Dec 16, 2008 15:33

    The container/rootfolder for all the pages in your tree is always in the OpenPages collection.

    So you'll need to check if this has a count of 1, or if you have a reference to the container so that you have its page id, you can check if the OpenPages only contains the container/root folder then none are selected.

     PS: sorry for bad English, but i wrote it in a hurry :)

     - Kjetil simensen

    #26705 Dec 16, 2008 16:27