Extend XForms edit control to include option values

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It should be possible for an editor to set the values (and not just the display names) of an option control (like textbox) in the XForms editor.

Currently the name is used as value, but this makes reports (like excel export) very ugly if the names are long, like complete sentences. If the value could be specified it would make coding of the results (when XForms are used for surveys etc.) much easier.

#23625 Sep 11, 2008 10:25
  • The possibility to set values of select, checkbox and radiolists is a feature we have added to the XForm Editor in EPiServer CMS 5 R2 (and you will also have the possibility to set the default selection(s) of these controls.


    #24262 Sep 29, 2008 19:03
  • Hi,

       I want to include a survey in my website. How can i achieve this?


    Any suggestions please.

    #59365 Jun 04, 2012 14:07
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    Thats what XForm does. Please try out the functionality and read the XForms tech note (http://world.episerver.com/Documentation/Items/Tech-Notes/EPiServer-CMS-6/EPiServer-CMS-6-R2/XForms/). If you have any specific needs that are not matched by the default functionality, please give a more detailed explanation on what you are trying to achieve.

    #59384 Jun 04, 2012 21:32